Sweet Marketing Solutions in San Diego, CA has a creative services team of experienced professionals including, but not limited to: print designers, web designers, SEO specialists, direct response copy-writers, videographers, photographers and more. We work together effectively to make your marketing ideas come to life and help you reach your marketing goals.

Be heard above the NOISE

It’s estimated by many studies that Americans are exposed to over 3000 advertising and marketing messages in a single day. If you,as one of those advertisers- want to be heard, remembered and responded to- what do you do to win the marketing war?Stand_Out_from_the_Crowd

One of the biggest mistakes many businesses make is throw and stick advertising. Basically- they just throw their ideas out there and see what sticks.  They work with too many people – all who might know a little about marketing- but those people never talk to each other.  They don’t see the big picture and often they don’t care about your results.

When there’s people working on your marketing who never connect with each other –it’s hard to brand your business to get any results.  You get different looks and inconsistent messaging.  This ‘pay and pray’ approach is not the way to win the war.

We’ll help you understand who you should talk to – what you should say and why, and then our creative services team works together to make your marketing collateral’s ‘pop’ so you can be heard.  

Our marketing specialists help drive your campaigns and work hand in hand with the creative team- so you can get results.  This team approach  to consistent branding, effective language that will help convert prospects into clients, retain clients and increase referrals, will help you avoid costly mistakes.

We will create the marketing collateral your company needs to promote sales, motivate customers and contribute to a strong brand image.  Offline collateral is just the start these days. Consumers are becoming more savvy and want more information about you before they make a buying decision.

In recent years there’s been a shift in marketing to needing a strong and consistent web presence. Sweet Marketing Solutions offers unique strategies such the integration of offline marketing, online marketing and we can tie it all together with our Connection Marketing tools.   This integrated approach helps consumers build trust with your company so you get the results you want.

Your Sweet Marketing Solutions Consultant, your CAN-DO ™ Facilitator and our creative services team help you build your brand, develop the collateral you need and get you on target with the right clients with eye catching, attention getting, high impact-solutions provided marketing tools.

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