A strong Internet marketing plan is one of the best investments you can make for your company before you start to jump into Internet marketing on your own.

The options of how and where you market your company online are vast.

In fact, it can be overwhelming to most people.    

One of the key tools you need in your Internet marketing plan is a well built, engaging website. Your website needs to be the hub around all your marketing activities online.   Once you have a good website, knowing how, where, when and why to use a specific Internet marketing tools, forums, techniques, networks is very important to keeping your expenses manageable and producing ROI for you.

Our team has seen some very unethical practices by other marketing companies that simply take your money and do not produce results.

When it comes to building your business online, timeliness, cost, your reputation, and your online footprint are all things that we take into consideration when developing your Internet marketing approach.

Sweet Marketing Solutions is very specific about the type of company we will do Internet marketing for. 

There are certain criteria we need to make sure that you meet before we will put all the years of marketing expertise to work for you online. 

Internet marketing offers a variety of different strategies to help you build your business online.  Some strategies offer a quick fix. Other strategies position you as the reputable expert for the long haul.  It’s important for you to understand the nuances and how ROI is measured online. We know your ultimate goal for ROI is more money in your bank account for your marketing efforts.  It’s ours too.

The internet marketing strategies, plans, and programs we provide deliver:

  • High Visibility in the places online where your clients and potential clients are
  • Expert level positioning, reputation and brand building 
  • Ethical, White Hat Marketing results
  • Consistency and longevity with your internet marketing
  • Multiple Organic Rankings for Search Engine Placement

The experts and our firm stay cutting edge with trends, technology, proven marketing systems, web development, content creation, social networking and reputation management.   In order for our team to deliver maximum results for our clients, we only work with one client in a given profession in a geo-targeted area.   By doing this, we are able to deliver better results faster to maximize your Internet marketing investment.

The investment you will make for Internet marketing can be very effective with a well-developed website and a strategic Internet marketing program. 

Sweet marketing solutions has been providing these types of services to our clients for many years. We tested our systems on our own companies first.  We have skin in the game and understand your concerns for making sure that your decisions around your website and Internet marketing are the best. 

Discover why and how our approach to marketing on the Internet is cost-effective and produces solid and lasting results.

Contact our strategic marketing consultants today to set up your complimentary consultation call to see if your company qualifies for our internet marketing strategies. (Hint: it’s not all about your budget.) 

  • Effective, Eye Catching, Strategically Built Websites & Upgrades

  • New Website Designs

  • Website Upgrades

  • Web Content Development

  • Website Marketing

  • Increase your visibility, build your credibility and increase your profitability with proven white hat online monthly marketing done for you.

  • Organic Search Placement

  • Quality & Effective SEO, SEM

  • Positively Builds Your Reputation

  • Social Networking

Reputation Management

  • Did you know that your online reputation matters as much as your offline reputation?

  • Maximize your Online Reputation

  • Integrate your Reputation Management into Your Internet Marketing Plan

  • Engage with happy, loyal customers

  • Professionally manage bad reviews

  • Increase your online presence with strong, positive reviews