The CAN-DO Lite™


When you are starting your business, one of the most important things you can do is have a written marketing plan.   A start-up business needs to accomplish many things in order to gain customers, make money and grow for long-term success.  

Having a written plan gives you a tool to use to guide your growth, keep you on the path to help you achieve ROI and it’s an asset that you are building for your business.

You may need funding for your new start-up business. A solid, clearly written marketing plan can help increase your chances of obtaining funding.  

Sweet Marketing solutions has helped many start-up businesses create a solid foundation with our CAN-DO(TM) Lite Marketing Plans. 

The CAN-DO(TM) Lite is a traditional marketing plan.   It is budget friendly for the start-up.  You will gain marketing positioning, have clarity on your target markets, receive a SWOT analysis and will help you develop your mission statement, vision statement.  The CAN-DO(TM) Lite does not include all the tactical and deliverables.  You can later add the tactical and deliverable details to the plan which helps you with budgeting and cash flow management. 

(The CAN-DO Gold, Complete and Platinum include all the deliverables, research, and tactical details)

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