One of the secrets to success in building a brand and increasing sales through strategic, targeted marketing is consistency with those who are your clients or your connectioncampaignspotential clients.

Customers and prospects expect a positive, engaging experience when they work with your company.  Competition is fierce and your customers know it. Creating loyalty from your customers takes more than just doing a good job for them.  They want the ‘wow’ factor: before you do business, during their time working with you… and after you are done providing products or services. 

Some of the most common frustrations that businesses have when it comes to marketing is the cost and the ability to implement consistently.  

How do you deliver the quality ‘wow’ factor with your marketing, keep it affordable and give yourself the time to run your company?

Connection Campaigns™ are the answer to those frustrations.

Connection Campaigns™ are low cost, easy to implement, high touch, high perceived value, effective, automated marketing tools- helping you stay in contact with those who make you money.

Sweet Marketing Solutions will work with you to develop your integrated Connection Campaigns™ program. We’ll set you up with the suite of tech tools, brand them for your company and teach you how to use them so your company can launch new client or prospect specific campaigns.  We can also help develop, manage and implement your campaigns for when it’s best that you outsource your marketing. 

“I have been working with Debbra Sweet now for around two months. Being in the field of marketing most of my adult life and running an online outsource marketing business I thought I knew it all. This is where Debbra comes with her Can Do process and Connection Campaigns she is one of the best in her field.

After a series of extensive interviews, she created a marketing plan that was thorough and effective. I can see which areas are missing and she has turned me on to tools that truly automate the process of staying in contact. The best part of the Connection Campaigns is that I can stay in contact with literally thousands of clients and prospects in a very personal way at the click of a button. Thank You Debbra You Rock.”

Andrew Zirkin

Andrew Zirkin

“Thanks for all the great help and advice. You guys really helped me get my new business off to a big start. After talking with Debbra Sweet, I put her marketing tips into action and I increased my sales overnight. Thanks again!

Mark Tao, Lucky Electronics, Inc. Long Beach, CA.

“You were able to put into words what I was thinking- but couldn’t express myself. You are very nice and helpful. I’ll be using your Connection Campaigns advice right away. I love it!”

Todd Barlow , Real Estate Agent San Diego CA