Experiences.  That’s what drives the decisions of consumers today. 

They want a positive, value based, life and work enhancing, quality experience.  Your business needs to deliver it all the time and so do your events!

Today’s business climate requires a more strategic approach to effectively planning of event, marketing the event, and then following up with the people you meet at the event.

Depending upon your type of profession, events can be an annual occurrence. They are predictable.  Other times, event triggers are non-predictable.  A well developed marketing plan involves bothPreevent-planning-v1 types of events.  There are times when you need to be proactive in your event marketing. Other times, reactive.   

Both can be very beneficial to your business growth and client retention. However, it takes a well developed plan to develop, implement and manage the marketing that will help position your company with these events. 

Consider just a few of the types of ‘social style’ events available to you for growing your business. These can get yourself in front of a large (or specific size) group of people who could be your ideal target clients. The attendees might already be your clients, or could be industry colleagues that can support you with your business growth efforts.

  • grand opening
  • grand reopening
  • fundraising
  • anniversary celebration
  • launch of a new product
  • hosting a networking event
  • hosting a client appreciation event
  • lunch and learns
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • classes
  • community support events
  • nonprofit events
  • employee training events
  • staff recognition events
  • leadership training events
  • job opportunity events
  • business expos
  • annual industry training events

These ideas just scratch the surface of the type of events you can consider for marketing and promoting your business, passions, and community support. A well-planned ‘social’ style event can greatly increase your company’s visibility and credibility.  It can increase the loyalty and support from clients, colleagues, friends, and family.  Being ready and ‘known’ in front of your ideal client for ‘lifestyle’ type events can really grow your business. 

There is one catch, though- just as much as an event can build your credibility, it can break your credibility or can be costly, if not well planned and well marketed.

That’s where we come in.  Our marketing team specializes in marketing plans- and events have always been included in the plans we’ve developed for clients.

Sweet Marketing Solutions offers specialty marketing plans just for events.  We are not the event planners, but we can strategically plan, develop, and implement your pre-event marketing.  We can teach and train you how to be most effective with your marketing for the day of your event. Our team also can plan, develop and implement follow-up marketing strategies so you can maximize the success of your event and develop deeper relationships with the people who participated.

Depending upon the type of event you are going to be involved in, or the nature of the ‘lifestyle’ event, being prepared with a marketing plan and campaign strategies and tools are where the real ROI for your business comes in.

Timing is everything. Attention to details with pre-event, day of the event, and your follow-up marketing is crucial for converting leads into clients- and then retaining them. 

During your actual planning of your ‘social style’ event, if you need reliable vendors such as: event planners, florists, lighting specialists, music, DJs, entertainment, emcees, photographers, venues, and even caterers, give us a call. Our CMO and Marketing Management services allow us to make your event teams come together quickly.

We have trusted, vetted professionals that we can recommend for you to interview for considering using as part of the team that helps make sure your event is a great success.  We let those professionals create the atmosphere of your event, and we take care of the marketing of it.

When marketing your ‘lifestyle event’ service offerings: our network is huge in this area too. Maybe you need a new or different ‘industry type partner’ to complement the work you do.  We can recommend carefully vetted professionals to you.  One of the strategic marketing opportunities that presents itself with lifestyle events is the use of Joint Venture Marketing. Our team can bring you creative ways to make that a win, win, win for you, the marketing partner and your mutual clients. 

Contact Sweet Marketing Solutions today and ask for an initial consultation.  This first call is free to you and it will enable you to work with top strategists to give you insights on options available to you for developing an event marketing plan to help support your vision for a successful event.



Thank you for all of your efforts associated with Leadership event and Ivan’s visit. The event was high quality and there was a lot that went into it. Your efforts did not go unnoticed by the educated and insightful members that attended. Your signature was all over that event in various places.

Thanks for all of your efforts and continued support to all of us!

Bill Angus
Green Line Planning
SDSU Alumni & Leadership Board

Bill Angus, Green Line Planning SDSU Alumni & Leadership Board

As a trainer, Debbra is comfortable in addressing a room of people and easily holds the audience’s interest because she’s very aware of the audience and adapts her presentation to audience reaction.

As a “people person” Debbra can remember a an impressive number of names of people even when she has not been with the group for weeks – and she deals with several companies and organizations. “

David G.
San Diego, CA

David G, President


The event you helped plan, develop marketing for and oversee was flawless!

Looking forward to doing this again.

Dr. Yale Kadesky

Escondido, CA

Dr. Yale Kadesky, Hart of Escondido Plastic Surgery


The client appreciation event you helped us organize and market was elegant, well done and appreciated.

Thank you.

Bill Norton

Bill Norton, CFP, Ameriprise

Dr. Kadesky ‘Slim Into Summer’ Event

“Dare to Be D.I.N.O!” Women’s Business Conference

Bill Norton Client Appreciation Dinner

ASARUM PreProduction Press Event

Annual Freedom Ride