You’ve invested time, effort, energy, and maybe even blood, sweat and tears to have a very successful event.

A key insight to really benefiting from the power and ROI of your event is here: when the event closes, you are only about 1/2 of the way into your event marketing campaign.

This may come as a surprise!  However, many studies have shown that the fortune is always in the follow-up.

Here’s how you can differentiate yourself from others that may participate in the same events: when you work with the team at Sweet Marketing Solutions, we will help you plan, develop and prepare your follow up marketing campaigns and sales process BEFORE you Go to the event!

Our team can introduce you to low cost, high impact, automated marketing tools that can be ‘turned on’ right when you need them. They can help you automate your follow-up process in a timely way to convert prospects into customers for you.

This is a HUGE benefit to you.


Because most of your competitors will not understand the importance of follow up.  If they do, most will give up after one or two attempts to connect with the leads they gathered at the event.

Did you know that most sales happen after the 8th point of contact with a prospect?  If you continue to do what you’ve always done (not following up), or be like your competition (and not follow up)…you are leaving money on the table.

Sweet Marketing Solutions has automated marketing technology that can email, call, text, direct mail via the postal service and more!

Depending upon your event, your target audience and the goals you need to achieve with your event, our follow up specialists can help you plan, develop and deliver follow up marketing with an affordable WOW factor.

Click Here and set time to speak with a Marketing Consultant about your post-event marketing. 

Dear Debbra,

I needed my business cards redesigned and some promotional products for a trade show at the last minute and Sweet Marketing Solutions was able to come up with a very creative product that was in budget and on time. I have received several compliments on my business cards and logo. I think it reflects the image that I want to get out to people.

My overall feeling about Sweet Marketing Solutions is overwhelmingly happy. They are very professional and quick.

Marcia Southwell
South-Land Creative Design
San Marcos, CA