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What Our Clients Say

“Debbra is a joy to work with!!!  She is very attentive to her customers needs and questions.  We had a plain jane website and had no knowledge of driving search traffic to our service site.  One month after Debbra launched our site our traffic shot up nearly 50%!!!

I highly recommend her and anybody is free to contact me for a referral and additional details on how impressed I am with Debbra and Sweet Marketing.  I get compliments on my site now instead of embarrassing comments!!”

Bob Kennedy
Surface Renew, Inc.
Maumelle, AR

“Debbra has coined the phrase “Can Do” in her business and she lives by that philosophy!
She is a marketing professional who inspires other professionals that they CAN make positive changes in their business to move forward and grow. She has taken the word “can’t” out of her vocabulary!

Debbra is innovative, creative, and a great listener when it comes to the needs of her clients.”

Gina Ruby
Take Shape For Life
Del Mar, CA.

Gina Ruby, Take Shape For Life

“When I talk about you to others, I tell them you command a respect & are above reproach & are the consummate professional. A CEO in your own right, but working with us, not for us mostly. To me, your word is golden… In your position as one of my go-to experts, I believe I will not find another to do a better piece of work as you can. Therefore, I am truly blessed to have you part of my support team.”


Jeff Morris

“Debbra Sweet offers out of the box solutions and thinking when working to provide marketing solutions for her clients. Debbra is very thorough and is very meticulous to her approach in ensuring the marketing strategies and campaigns for the clients she works with are just the right fit. I have gotten to know Debbra over the last two years and she is an extraordinary business professional. She is very passionate about her business and her clients. I know that you will receive quality results when working with Debbra. I give her my highest recommendations.”

Kathy David, IT Tech Pros

“I hired Debbra Sweet last year to help me with my business marketing, as well as my business business processes. Debbra is a God send!

I can’t begin to express how much she has helped my company in such a short period of time. Running an electrical contracting company has had its challenges over the last 25 years of being in business. My loose processes have kept me from growing as I have always hoped to grow. Debbra came in and immediately helped me define priorities, clean up some loose processes, and get focused on the things that made me the most money.

As a result of Debbra’s guidance, tools, and wisdom, I am on course and expected to double my income this calendar year.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude for working with Sweet Marketing Solutions. I highly endorse this company, and encourage you to use their services!”

Tom Sheltraw

The Tradesmen Electric

Laguna Hills, CA

“As a top Top TV Producer for Major Network Shows (ABC, CBS), I know quality talent when I see it.  Debbra and I met a few years ago and became quickly in each others ‘inner circle’.

She’s good at what she does, and what she does is done with excellence.  Her team know how to take high level thinking and planning for your marketing and work through the fine tune details to implement and execute.

When you need a dependable, reliable company to help you with your marketing planning to make your vision real, this is the team to work with. ”

Marianne Schwab, CMP Media

“After just one 20 minutes of working with Debbra I went out and applied what I learned.  At first, it felt a bit awkward- trying something new- but the end result is that three days later, I closed $10,000 worth of business from one new client! I know I would never have gained that client if I hadn’t used this marketing info.  I know this because the client told me so. 

Debbra leads a team that does excellent work. She helped us elevate our brand and is one of my go to experts for advice. She’s helped me many times over the years.”


Aaron Preman

“Debbra, I love your vision, your energy and how you are bringing more business to my practice with your marketing knowledge.
I’ve been in practice for almost 4 decades now.  As I take my specialty skills and refocus how I’m growing the company, your marketing and business insights are already bringing more patients to the practice.

I know we are just getting started. Thank you for leading your team with all you do!”

“Ms. Marketing Guru”: You have become such a grounding force on our team—your presentation and commitment to mentoring in us has been such a blessing to our ability to increase our organizations member retention—you even inspired one of my divisions’ team members to step up to the plate to become a Mentor Coordinator! I have not been able to so inspire this division, but YOU did it! Thank you for all that you do!”

Pam R
San Diego, CA

Pam Russell

“I found Sweet Marketing Solutions back in 2008 when the market had turned.  Prior to working with Debbra’s firm, I had a full team at my disposal and a very large budget to work with.  2008 brought about change for everyone. Myself included.

Debbra worked with me and led her team to develop the branding and core collateral I needed for my new business during that time.

I’m particular about who I work with, and my team is coming back to Sweet Marketing Solutions again this year to level up our brand to align with how our business has evolved since 2008.  Debbra leads a team you can depend on for high quality and longevity.”

Lou Ochoa

“Debbra – thank you so much for the feedback, and for sending it so quickly. You always have spot-on feedback and I appreciate you letting me vet this through you. I don’t have a lot of other marketing eyes that I trust.

I love the idea to tie it into a larger concept or connect it to a larger story. I agree that would make it more meaningful, which is really what I’m trying to accomplish with this campaign. 

Thanks so much for your time and energy :)”

“We contracted Sweet Marketing Solutions & Debbra’s business development company Thrive Right Consulting to help us reach some aggressive growth goals.

Our company was not new, but we were aware the branding we had been using was  not working. We needed refinement in the messaging and an overhaul of our sales process.

Debbra led her teams on both sides (Marketing and Sales) in a short time frame that led us to being able to reach our goals for the year.

She custom developed documents, language, hands on training and then a specialized 2 day intensive workshop that aligned our team with all the new marketing language, look and strategies.

I’ve led businesses to IPO’s, have managed teams of 10,000 before and never really appreciated the value of the type of work and training she did until I saw her in action and saw the results our company then achieved.

Great job Debbra. Well done!”

Bob Chiste

“Thanks for your tireless efforts, you are like the energizer bunny just keeps going, GREAT JOB!”

Richard Luisi
Premiere Financial

Rich Luisi, Premiere Financial

“I highly recommend  this Debbra Sweet and her team at Sweet Marketing Solutions because of her passion, drive, determination, and diligence.

Debbra gets behind the projects she takes on and sees them all the way through completion. She carries herself with great integrity and takes an immense amount of pride in her work. As a person who has worked with her on a few projects it’s truly a blessing to be able to work with an individual who is on the ball and is proactively working to complete the tasks at hand.

She is an outstanding marketing expert because she leads by example and has the unique ability to change the mindset of a large group of people. Her breath of knowledge and her ability to apply it successfully makes her an asset to any business owner looking to increase their success.”

Jason Godinho

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