There’s an old cliche’ “Book it and they will come!”bubble man announcing

That ‘marketing approach’ may have worked in earlier times in history, however today’s ever changing, more populated world filled with others who ‘do what you do’… make that cliche somewhat obsolete.

When you want to hold a successful event, or participate in an event to build your business so that you gain ROI from your time and financial investment, pre-event marketing that is well planned is the action to take.

Depending on how big the event is, the attendance you want to see, and what your event goals are, one key insight to effective and affordable marketing is here: Give yourself time. Start your plan for your pre-event marketing way ahead of the date of your event.

People today are busier than ever.  The change of how businesses are being run since 2007 has created bigger demands of working professionals time.  As a consumer, the options for what we do with our time is voluminous. Global connectivity has created more options for us to do things, go places and experience new events.

When your company wants to use events as a way to build your business, contribute to social responsibility, create a better company culture and develop deeper relationships with your staff, prospects, colleagues and peers- a well developed Pre-Event Marketing Campaign is needed.

The tools, tech, and ways to reach your intended audience will vary between business to business and event to event type.

One thing is common though:  having enough time to plan your event, plan your event marketing, develop all the marketing campaigns and then implement them on time and with consistency before your event date… will help create the excitement, buzz and participation on your event date.

Contact us today and set up a time for a private, complimentary consultation with one of our lead marketing experts to help you plan and develop your pre-event marketing. 

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the visors – they are exactly what we wanted. I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your help, your quick response, and your professionalism. We will be in neeed of your services again. Thank you very much!

Maureen Cooper

Office Specialist

City of Vista Senior Center