Direct Mail, combined with marketing content that is designed to produce a specific result you want for your business is known as direct response mail. This is still one of the most effective advertising strategies used today. Why? Because it works.
Direct Mail

We’ll help you deliver the right message, to the right target audience at the right time with the right promotion… and then give you additional tools to make your direct response mailer work even better for you.

Unleash hidden profits through targeted direct mailing services.

One key to doing a successful direct mail campaign is actually getting your mail piece read by the consumer. Understanding who your message needs to go to and then having a piece of mail that stands out and beckons the recipient to open it, read it, and retain it is something that Sweet Marketing Solutions specializes in.

A secret to getting your mail read is to give the consumer something to hold onto.

Typically, most people expect about a .05 %-1% return with direct mail. Interested in increasing conventional direct mail results to as much as 5-7%? We can help. We have complimentary marketing techniques that are low cost, easy to use, high impact and will help to ensure your direct mail campaign will provide better responses than direct mail alone. We even have a strategy that has shown to have up to a 95% read rate! Our marketing consultants know how to cost-effectively combine proven marketing strategies and concepts to deliver direct mail results you’re looking for.

What to send? It depends on your budget and the results you want. Our marketing consultants will first work with you to fine tune your strategy to get it focused on producing the best for you.

We can take your existing ideas and work to develop your ideas to their fullest. We can also develop your direct mail piece from scratch. We provide the print products (which may include doing the ad copy work, design, lay-up along with doing the actual mailing for you)- saving you time and money.

Who to send it to? The success of your direct mail campaign is largely dependent upon the quality of the database you send to. Sweet Marketing Solutions can work with your existing database or we can provide a targeted direct mail database for you to mail to.

Want to really stand out and get results? We know how. Mailing odd or unusual shaped pieces or dimensional pieces is a proven direct mail strategy. We will help you create the campaign and can see it through to fulfillment. Mailing dimensional or non-letter pieces is part of the service we provide for you. These unique ways are designed to ultimately increase your profits and generate long-term clients.

Have an idea for direct mail: email us or call 1-888-SWEET-85 to talk with your Sweet Marketing Solutions specialist today.

Hey Deb!

Well, the results are in from our marketing campaign and the good news is we are profitable- basically got a 100% return. 7k for mailing, 14k total fees collected so far.

The last campaign 70% of the calls came in the second week.


Best Regards!
David Beckman
Managing Member
Better Business Funding
David Beckman


David Beckman, Better Business Funding


Just a quick follow up on the direct mail piece you designed, printed and mailed for us: I have to say this is so far… a huge success!

This event we are doing is new for us. We just filled up all the reservations for the first day – and the mail piece only was delivered three days ago to the list we mailed to! We did open up the second day of reservations. Thanks for consulting with me to do that when we were planning this campaign!

Tiger Tail Salon
April, 2005

Roberta, Tiger Tail Salon

Deb and Dan,

Your team rocks!  You did my full marketing plan and I watched you develop just one of the ideas in that plan- the direct mail sequence.

I’m blown away at the response we’ve received!  In fact, in less than 6 weeks, if I close all that is in our pipeline from this campaign, we’ll reach 25% of our growth goal for the year!

You are amazing!


Tony C.

Reno, NV

Tony Chinnici, Corazon Real Estate