The 4 P’s have always been cornerstones of marketing and promotions.  Today’s business success platform also requires companies to think about: the customer experience, reputation management, future pacing and legacy planning. 

More so than ever, having an effective plan, a seasoned team, and a savvy CMO at your side to remove the commoditization of less than effective marketing is important.

The right vision, research, adaptable thinking based on proven ‘been there, done that’ CMO services & marketing management creates time freedom for you.  Many top companies choose to work with Sweet Marketing Solutions because we enable your marketing to be seamless. Marketing Managment supports your sales team and business growth goals.   Your company will be more productive, time efficient while bringing more revenue in the door.

Get rid of throw and stick. That’s old school and costly.

You need the team that ties it all together. 


The scope of your business’ marketing management depends on the size of your company and the industry in which you operate. Effective marketing management will use resources to increase your customer base, improve customer opinions of your company’s products and services, and increase your company’s perceived value.

Direct Mail

  • Need more business but a bit too busy to plan, set up and oversee your marketing?
  • Do you want to implement and oversee some of your marketing, and outsource the other parts?
  • Is your business set up where you prefer to outsource all of your marketing?

Sweet Marketing Solutions manages and supports your marketing approach with flexibility and affordability. We understand that your business is different than the others. That’s why we take the time to work with you to understand how your business is set up, what your business growth goals are,  your budget and the pace you need for your marketing.

Our unique approach comes out of the proprietary CAN-DO (TM) process that has laid the foundation for the cost effective marketing we implement for clients. We clearly understand that you need ROI. The marketing support options we use and provide to you are proven to be effective in achieving your marketing goals.

After you have your initial consultations with our marketing experts, you will be introduced to specific, automated, low cost, high impact, easy to use marketing follow up tools that align with your budget, your pace, and your marketing objectives.

Starting first with clearly defining the results you want,  we plan out how we’ll help you achieve that. Every step of the way, such as: during concept design, creative development, production of your marketing pieces – we have quality control management to monitor the progress of your project. Our quality control department specialists thoroughly check every order prior to delivery to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. 

This allows you to save time and money.  It also leverages your time because you will be able to keep your eye on running your company, not project managing all the parts and details that go into a strong marketing program.

Do you…

1. Have ideas for marketing your company but aren’t sure how to make them happen?
2. Have a plan that you want implemented – but just don’t have the time to do it?
3. Need new ideas, direction, creative development and/or fulfillment?

Our team members in marketing support include specialists in Marketing Consultation, Strategy, Research, Online Marketing, Offline Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Copy Writing (aka Content Writing), Marketing Plan Fulfillment, Project Management, Customer Retention Programs and much more.

Management and Support for your marketing can be provided in a variety of ways:

1. Consulting
2. Coaching
3. Classes
4. Creative Services
5. Project Management
6. Fulfillment
7. Marketing Plans
8. Training of your staff for their roles in your marketing plans
9. Solutions for reducing other business expenses to create more cash flow for consistent marketing

BONUS: Business Systems Development, Sales Training and other time saving and cost effective group organizational support through our sister company: Thrive Right Consulting.

Get started today, simply contact us and receive a 30 Minute Marketing Evaluation and Consultation.  

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I was referred to Sweet Marketing Solutions by a trusted industry colleague. Although I have been working in this industry for a long time, my current company is still young. I knew I needed a company that can guide me to help build our book of business quickly.

After my first initial phone call with Debbra, she recommended we do a two-hour one to one consulting session. I felt that was a wise decision on her part. It is important to me that I know I can trust the people that are helping me build my business. This time with Debbra allowed me to get to understand her and her company’s approach. I know, it also gave her information on how to help me grow my business.

Since then she’s worked with us to improve results with the magazine advertising and I ended up having her build my website. This is a big step for me because I had already contracted with somebody else to build me a site. After months of trying to work with the first company, I was still waiting for them to deliver the unique look I wanted for the branding of my company. I was getting frustrated. Not only did this first company completely miss the mark on how to represent my company, but all the content they initially provided for my site was wrong.

While this other company was working on my site I was consulting with Sweet Marketing Solutions for my print magazine ad revisions. Debbra and I were talking often, because she wanted to tie in the print advertising with my new website. When I shared my frustrations with her about the first web designer, she went to work in within two hours came up with a look for my site that totally captured everything I was looking for!

I quickly recognized that it was important for me to cut my losses with the first designer and just work with Sweet Marketing Solutions for all of my marketing. At this point, I completely see the difference in having her marketing firm be my ‘outsourced marketing department’. They are responsive, quick, they really listen, and they deliver on what they say.

I highly recommend this company to any business owner looking to streamline their marketing process and work with a company who understands delivering value.

K. Roberts

Kory, Infinium Pools

“When I talk about you to others, I tell them you command respect & are above reproach as you are the consummate professional.

A CEO in your own right, but working with us, not for us mostly. To me, your word is golden… In your position as one of my go to experts, I believe I will not find another to do a better piece of work as you can. Therefore I am truly blessed to have you part of my support team.”

Jim M.

Jim M., CEO