Frequently Asked Question about
The CAN-DO Process

“How long does it take?” 
We work on your schedule. Most clients take a comfortable clip and go through the CAN-DO Complete™ over an eight week period. Others want to move fast and finish the process in as few as two weeks.

“What if I already have ideas that are working?” 
That’s great! We’ll keep using them and we’ll be sure to include them in your new marketing action plan.

“What if I already have a web guy or my own designer?”
No problem. Our creative staff can work with them. We just ask that you give us a quick introduction and we can go from there.

“Can I write some of my own content?”
Yes. Our copywriters will help you refine your ideas to make your marketing and advertising the best.

“Once I get through the CAN-DO™ what kind of costs can I expect?”
That depends on your needs and your budget. We work with your budget. A call to Sweet Marketing Solutions can let you speak with a specialist to give you a better idea of the levels of clients we work with so you’ll see where you’ll fit in.

“If I only advertise in the yellow pages or want to do an ad in the newspaper, can you help?”
Yes. The CAN-DO™ process is important to help us write ads that work. Too many people get stuck with ‘cookie cutter’ advertising that doesn’t represent their business. They get lost in a sea of ads that look just like theirs. The CAN-DO™ gives you the edge you need to stand out from your competition no matter what type of advertising, marketing or promotions you want to do.

“If I only want to work with Sweet Marketing Solutions for a one time event or project- is that available?” 
We do have project rates and have successfully put together one time events. Our goal is to work with our clients over a long period of time since the most success comes from consistent advertising and marketing. If you need a one time project, call us or email and we can go from there.

“Can I do a CAN-DO™ Assessment if I live or work out of state?” 
Yes. One on one sessions can be done by direct call or teleconference if all your decision makers are out of state. All you need is a phone, fax, and email along with dedicated quiet time for each session.

“Is our company large enough to take advantage of the CAN-DO Process?”
If your company is large enough to have problems, then it’s large enough to benefit from our services. Regardless of size, there’s room for practical ideas and notable improvements in any business. Balanced against increased profits, the fee for enrollment is small.

“Our business is so unique; won’t that keep your advisers from being effective?”
The unique aspects of your business are what keep you in business. We will determine your individual needs by observing you and helping you determine what you should expect from your company. Then, we develop a custom made program for your business needs.

“How can you show us anything we don’t already know about our business?”
Often, our clients are “too close to the forest to see the trees.” We bring an impartial, outside viewpoint to diagnose your marketing objectively. You’re the expert in your business, but we’re experts in marketing, advertising and in the buying process in the mind of every consumer. We’ll give you the management tools, marketing systems, and extra training you need to maintain greater control over your business and make highly informed decisions about your marketing.

“Have you ever worked with a company like ours?”
While some of the technical aspects vary from one business to another, the fundamental is the same: You have something to sell and someone out there wants to buy it from you. We concentrate on the buying process as it progresses through your sales cycle.

“Do we really need help if we’re satisfied with the profit we’re making now?”
Complacency is the single most detrimental problem most businesses face. Our advisers are specially trained to maximize growth in positive areas and cut excessive loss in others. With streamlined systems and a lowered overhead, you can expect to operate smoothly and keep more of the money you make.

“If customer demand is our major problem, can you still help?”
We can help you get the lion’s share of the available consumers in your market and help you re-position your business to target new niche markets and attract more of your favorite type of customers.

“Will we still benefit if your advisers aren’t an expert in our field?”
Your company is full of experts in your field. You don’t need another. We will send a CAN-DO(TM) Facilitator to conduct a qualified survey that will review your business from a fresh viewpoint. We will then assign a trained professional with experience in your field to your marketing plan development.

“Is now the right time?”
Now is always the right time for a positive change.

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