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Debbra Sweet,

Founder of Sweet Marketing Solutions 


Request Your Marketing Review 

Deb and Dan,
Recently I got a call from a guy who wants us to do some work on a property he has here in San Diego.

I asked him how he heard about us and he said “online”. He said he read some articles and press releases about our company.
In particular, he liked the one about us being the “Nordstrom’s of Construction”.

Then, he went on to ask me “Who built your website?” I told him you did.

I always knew you and your team at Sweet Marketing Solutions were very good at what you do- but I thought I would share this with you. After I told him about your company, he continued on and said “I do marketing too. The company you are working with really knows their stuff. They are doing a great job for you. Keep working with them!”

All of us at HK Construction had already planned on keeping you on as our marketing team, but to hear that kind of feedback from someone- unprompted- confirmed what I already knew- you guys and all your team are simply the best.
We love working with you.

Oh yeah… I got the job from him too!

Marc G.

The team at Sweet Marketing Solutions has been amazing to work with! I had seen Debbra teach and train in our local business community on different aspects of leadership, business development, and marketing.

When we contacted her company our initial goal was to increase our Internet presence so that we could be a leader in our field online.

Through my initial consultations with Debbra where she strategized the approach on how to get our company to have a strong presence in many different areas on the Internet, the first thing we ended up doing was launching a new version of our website with her company.

We love our new website and all the content per team developed for us! In fact, while she was building our main website I had her also develop 10 pages of content for a second website that I own.

Once we launched our new site we started to see higher presence on the Internet. We then had her firm do a progressive internet marketing approach to get us a lot of exposure and placement in the search engines that would get us results short-term and have staying power. The team at Sweet Marketing Solutions always delivered just as they said they would.

In fact some of the work we do is very emergency based. There were times where we would get a job late at night, and I could contact Debbra and the team after hours- and they would have a press release done posted and promoted within a matter of hours! That’s incredibly quick response and it really helped us to increase our reputation, our credibility and allowed us to grow the company.

I highly recommend this team if you are looking for a reputable, trustworthy company to help you grow your business online and off-line!

Joe D.