We make businesses more profitable.   How do we do this?SMS CANDO Process what it is

The CAN-DO™ Process. 

This is where refinement of your marketing begins.

CAN-DO™ is our proprietary assessment and planning approach stands for:
Core Assessment Necessary for the Development and Overseeing of your marketing program.

The CAN-DO™ Process will develop your company brand, your market position, your USP and focus on niche marketing to maximize your desired marketing results. Delivering a great ROI, this is by far the single best investment you can make in your company.linebreak

What distinguishes our work:

  • First, we determine if we can assist a business and, if so, in what areas.
  • We differ from other consulting firms not only in our level of experience but also in our approach to helping our clients.
  • We accept no enrollment requests without first making a thorough evaluation of the needs of the client company, the goals of its management and the fit between our two companies.
  • The business owner/executive approves all programs and activities before they are started. Once we have a solid plan that you approve, Custom ideas are developed into systems and marketing strategies.
  • Then we help implement the improvements. Working together, we’ll set up new marketing management control systems. Every step of your custom-tailored program will be documented, and if you wish, your personnel can be advised and trained by our CAN-DO Facilitator.
  • We take an active approach to help solve your company’s problems. We’ll assist your business in developing and implementing in-depth, working solutions, and stay through the process until those solutions are in place and functioning properly. Our team of highly qualified and specialized marketing consultants will work with you to design effective solutions to each individual problem.
  • Our World-Class Client Care Department is dedicated to ensuring our clients receive continuing benefits from the improvements we implemented. CAN-DO clients receive ongoing support and a free marketing “checkup” within six months as a part of our “Client For Life” Program to review their progress and fine-tune their marketing systems for maximum desired results.
  • Finally, the marketing systems we custom develop and implement for your allow you to control costs, increase productivity and maximize sales.

Having a strong marketing action plan to follow eliminates costly mistakes and wasted time by implementing proven strategies and marketing tools, which help increase sales and can even start increasing revenue through employee motivation.

The end result is a practical working plan that will be quickly implemented for your specific business. All work done will be completed within the agreed upon time and within the agreed upon price.

Which CAN-DO™ is Right For You?


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When I first contracted Sweet Marketing Solutions to develop a marketing plan for my company, I had been in business for a very long time. For many years we were very successful in being an industry leader.

As the internet evolved, the way I was marketing didn’t produce the results we used to have. Sales were down, I had more competition and I needed some new ideas on how to re-invigorate my company.

We decided to work with Debbra and she did the CAN-DO(TM) process with us to help develop our marketing plan.

I figured it would take a bit to go through this process and see my ROI. After our first session, she gave everyone in the company a specific activity to do to prep for our second session.

When Debbra came back to meet with us for that second session, she reviewed all the ‘docs’ my team had to work on. She was very professional, and during that second session, she gave me straight talk on why our company had been losing money, missing sales for some time.

I was stunned at how quickly she addressed this, and we were able to take corrective steps in a matter of days. I told her that three days after she left us for that second CAN-DO (TM) meeting- that I had already made back the whole cost of all her time for our CAN-DO(TM) sessions and the writing of the plan.

I knew right then I made the right decision in contracting her company.

San Marcos, CA