The CAN-DO Process™contingency
What’s Involved and How Does It Work?

The CAN-DO™ Process is the approach, the assessment, that starts with your goals in mind. Through this assessment, we develop your custom marketing action plan.

Sweet Marketing Solutions CAN-DO™ Facilitators work with clients in either a one on one basis in person or virtually via conference calls, Skype,  or even Google Hang Outs.

  • The process is a step by step system that results in specific information about your company to determine the best position for your company in the marketplace.
  • It clearly defines who you should be talking to (and working with), what you need to say to them (your marketing message)
  • It outlines the strategies that will work best for your company to achieve the results you want.

The assessments are done in one on one sessions between our CAN-DO Facilitator and one or more key decision makers in your company. This helps to develop a cohesive team atmosphere in your company. When all decision makers are focused on the same goal, synergy and momentum happens and will bring about a shift in your business that is focused on achieving goals.

Each assessment phase produces specific results that will be integral to the effectiveness of your marketing, advertising, and promotional efforts.

Many of our CAN-DO™ clients tell us that they noticed the value of this process during the first or second session!

Here’s how this works:

The Assessment

  1. Conceptual Solidification.

During this part, we’re going to look at the business overall.  What’s working, what’s not, where is there opportunity to try new things that will get positive results happening faster.  We’ve had clients tell us that the information that they got in one day, they were able to use the next- and it was beneficial to them.

  1. Niche market refinement.

This part is the most exciting for our clients.  Here’s where you’re going to find many hidden profit opportunities.  Sometimes, as the decision maker, it’s easy to get stuck inside the business.  This leads to frustrating challenges that take a long time to resolve.  In the area of your marketing, here’s where you’re going to focus on the channels that will produce results faster.  We’re going to focus on connecting you with the right clients for your business.  When we have this information, we can then develop fresh, new concepts and approaches to your marketing.

  1. Connection Campaigns(TM)

This section is actually a package of low cost, easy to use, high impact, automated marketing tools that we get you set up on so you can start using them right away to connect with those that will make you money.

We also work in a couple of unique strategies during this phase. We use this for those times when you need to connect with the people quickly.   We also use this to open doors to areas you may have never looked into before for marketing your business.

  1. Systems to grow.

This last phase is critical for your businesses success. Without the right systems in place, your business may never reach its goals.  Too often businesses miss the mark because they’re not prepared to think on their toes when new business comes in.  They get caught off guard and miss opportunities to make sales. This phase is critical to helping you launch your new marketing plans successfully.

Once we finish phase four, our team assembles a focused Marketing Action Plan for you.  We’ll lay out all the opportunities that will benefit your company.  You’ll get new ideas and proven approaches to marketing that will help you reach your goals. 

The Plan Development

After we present the MAP to you, the next thing that’s done is to lay out your marketing schedule.  We’ll have already decided your budget and gotten clear on what strategies/concepts you’re comfortable with.  With this in mind, we set out a specific plan of dates/times and accountabilities to help you stay on task towards reaching your goals. 


Last, we roll out those ideas and transition the ideas into real marketing pieces for you to use.

There are three CAN-DO™ Packages that will result in a customized, agency-level marketing action plan for your business.

Depending on your goals, you will choose from the CAN-DO Gold the CAN-DO Complete™ or the CAN-DO Platinum™ package.


Debbra and the Sweet Marketing Solutions crew:

I have been in business for over 40 years now, and I have to admit, when you first approached me about writing a detailed marketing plan to help us grow our business I was very skeptical. Being inside this business for so long, I think I know it pretty well.

However, I also recognized over the past few years that our revenues had been declining. You told me that you could develop a marketing plan that would help us start making money quickly- so I gave you a go at it.

I was quite impressed that you actually flew out here to hand deliver the marketing plan. From all the consulting work you did with my General Manager and Office Manager to prepare the plan, I was aware that you had written more than just the marketing plan.

When we all met and you took us through the very detailed marketing plan that you developed from your CAN-DO(TM) process. I was pretty quiet the whole time. I did not give you much to work with in that meeting. You were professional, positive, and persistent. There were ideas in that marketing plan that were definitely out of the box and ahead of the market trends for our town and even industry. You had ideas that we could try right away that were very strong. As I shared with you when that meeting was done, I was very impressed.

You outlined potential growth for our company for years. In fact, some of the strategies you outlined were so ahead of time- I wasn’t sure if we could ever implement them. I must admit, my skepticism was strong, but you called it correctly. Our local community did some development recently that you outlined the town needed. When you wrote this plan, there was no talk within the city for doing these developments. Your skills saw the areas growth potential and now that we have the infrastructure in town that can align with another part of our plan- we still have more room to use the ideas you gave.

I really didn’t think you could put something like that together since all of your consulting was done virtually. The end result of that marketing plan speaks for itself. You gave us ideas, but you did more than that.

You asked me if you could have all of my staff for two days.You wanted to train them on their role and involvement for some of the marketing ideas that you prepared for us to start using right away. I told you had one day.

I truly didn’t know what you were going to accomplish and do in that one day, or how you were even going to make my staff of 25 people come together in one place at one time. We have been trying to do that for years with very poor results.

You trained my staff for the full eight hours. Then you stayed on for the week and worked with my staff every day to make sure they truly understood how to apply and be involved in the new marketing campaigns you developed for us.

After four days of watching you work with them, and seeing how they were working at the business, I pulled you aside and told you “I don’t know what you did with them in that training, but this is incredible! I’ve never seen my team at work this well together and have such a great attitude about wanting to be part of what we’re doing here at our company!”

We have continued with the ideas you set forth. Within two months of implementing just a few of the marketing ideas you gave us, we were able to pull our company out of the red and into the black. In fact, you gave us some new hope and I know that we booked business four months out which gave us peace of mind for the next year.

Since then, we have continued to build upon the ideas in your marketing plan. The company just keeps growing stronger. We are now close to having our 50 year anniversary and I can tell that the time and investment to have you build our marketing plan, train our team, and also develop company training manuals was well worth the investment.