The CAN-DO™ Process 
“Why do I need the CAN-DO™ Process?” 
Direct MailAt some point, most businesses think about marketing and advertising their business. Often, the first thought is: “I know I need to do some kind of marketing or advertising- I just don’t know what to do or how to do it.” Some people say: ” I know what I should do, I just don’t have the time anymore.”

Compare your business for a moment to what you do when you take a drive in your vehicle. Whether you choose to take a trip across country – or simply a drive across town to meet a friend, colleague or client, what is the first thing you do once a destination is set? You ask: “How do I get there?”- or you look it up on a map. How often do you hear yourself ask someone those words?

Most people would never think of driving to a destination they have never been to without some sort of map or directions. To them, it’s absurd to think someone could find them without directions. Amazingly though, many of those same people gladly jump into business and seem to think that because they know how to do one thing well, they can run their whole business, including marketing it effectively… without a map, directions or a plan.

Smart businesses know that a business plan is a cornerstone to their success. Even smarter businesses have a Marketing Plan at the core to wrap their business plan around.

Often we find that clients who have a marketing plan come to us and say: ” I have this, but I don’t know what to do with it” or “My marketing results aren’t what they used to be, I don’t know what to do “.

That’s where the CAN-DO™ Process comes in. Whether you have a marketing plan or not, the CAN-DO™ Process is the catalyst to make your ideas happen. The CAN-DO™ Process turns into your MAP. For as often as you use a roadmap to guide you to your intended destination when you drive, your MAP (Marketing Action Plan) gives you the direction you need to effectively market, advertise and promote your business so you arrive at the destination (achieve the results) you want for your business.

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