Below is a gallery of a few of the websites we have updated with a current site.  You’ll see their first site, and even a few upgrades we have done as web tech, layout, and best practice features have evolved. 

These have been done over many years, and we continue to be selective with the clients we work with and the sites we built.

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Deb and Dan,

Recently I got a call from a guy who wants us to do some work on a property he has here in San Diego.

I asked him how he heard about us and he said “online”. He said he read some articles and press releases about our company.
In particular, he liked the one about us being the “Nordstrom’s of Construction”.

Then, he went on to ask me “Who built your website?” I told him you did.

I always knew you and your team at Sweet Marketing Solutions were very good at what you do- but I thought I would share this with you. After I told him about your company, he continued on and said “I do marketing too. The company you are working with really knows their stuff. They are doing a great job for you. Keep working with them!”

All of us at HK Construction had already planned on keeping you on as our marketing team, but to hear that kind of feedback from someone- unprompted- confirmed what I already knew- you guys and all your team are simply the best.
We love working with you.

Oh yeah… I got the job from him too!

Marc G.

Mark G. , HK Construction


Debbra was a joy to work with!!! She is very attentive to her customers needs and questions. We had a plain jane website and had no knowledge of driving search traffic to our service site. One month after Debbra launched our site our traffic shot up nearly 50%!!!

I highly recommend her and anybody is free to contact me for a referral and additional details on how impressed I am with Debbra and Sweet Marketing. I get compliments on my site now instead of embarrassing comments!!

Bob Kennedy
Surface Renew, Inc.
Maumelle, AR

Bob Kennedy, Surface Renew