Project Description

Project Brief

Sweet Marketing Solutions was contracted to refine, fix, and redefine the brand language of Encycle.  Company product graphics had been developed by a designer, but the look and language of the company was not in alignment. The CEO knew the brand was broken, and our job was to find the missing pieces and fix it.   The main goal of the company was to increase sales aggessively and crafting the strategy to accurately resposition the company brand was the starting point.

Visual A

Visual B

Final Product Deliverables

Strong Brands

Strong Brands are intionally built.  It takes forethought, planning, refinement, alignment and integration.  

Excellent Results

Sweet Marketing Solutions has a team that strives for excellence in working with you.  

Skills Needed

Assessing the strengths of the company, finding the weaknesses of the brand created the platform for refinement; visually, verbally.  Encycle has a sophisticated tech product that solves a significant problem for large companies. The Brand look and language needed to reflect confidence and competence while being accessible and easy to understand by a busy decision maker.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 92%
Branding 96%
Multimedia 98%

Initial Stragetic Planning

In Depth Assessment of the Company, brand assests provided, and application of our 8 Steps to Marketing Success Process laid the foundation for success with Encycle’s marketing objectives.

Brand Essentials Documentation

Once the brand refinements were defined, it was time to document the visuals and the verbal for consistent use throughout company departments and marketing strategies.

Final Delivery

Multiple marketing pieces were developed and implemented to align the brand and increase sales for the company.

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