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When the economy changed in 2008, the needs of our clients changed too.  

We went from developing 100 to 200 page comprehensive marketing plans through our CAN-DO (TM) process, to helping our clients keep their doors open one month at a time. This evolved into our “Yellow Pad Marketing Plans”. 

Together, we all weathered that economic change. Our clients who had a plan came out of that business cycle strong.

During that time we also met many business owners who had never developed a marketing plan before. They all share the same thing with us: that was their plan “was always just in their head”.  

During those harsh times what they realized is that having a plan in their head wasn’t good enough to navigate restructuring businesses, working on a reduced staff, and having to now put himself out into the marketplace in ways they never have before just to keep their doors alive. They were overwhelmed, confused and very concerned about making the right marketing decisions.  Many of those companies had benefited by ‘lay down’ business. They never had to really market before.  Now they did and they were smart enough to get guidance so each step they took would keep them in business. 

Thankfully, we were able to support many businesses during that difficult time.  How we did it with very simple: initially, we supported them, one month at a time with effective project campaign management. As the economy started to loosen up and become stronger, we watched businesses become more comfortable with evolving to three-month plans, and then six-month plans.

The foundation of our comprehensive agency-level planning gave our clients an edge: we were not just thinking about the short-term, but we’re thinking about their long-term success.

Our “yellow pad plans” help businesses still on a budget, and are designed to maximize profit potential by utilizing extremely targeted marketing techniques and tools.

The yellow pad plans we develop support your business for six months at a time.  

You can choose to have our team simply develop the plan and turn it over to you for implementation. Or, you can choose to have our team implement the plan on a project basis. 

These “yellow pad plans” are strategically developed so that when your company is ready to do the more comprehensive CAN-DO (TM) process for an agency level plan, what you already have will fit right in to the larger plan.

Ready to start your yellow pad marketing plan?  

Contact us today and let’s set up a private call to assess your business growth goal needs in order enough to take the first step in developing your six-month yellow pad plan.

Debbra is a dynamic results oriented marketing consultant.  

She has published books that assist her readers and clients to reach their short and long term marketing goals.  

Just meeting Debbra is a motivational experience.

Mark Hanson