Sweet Marketing Solutions is an integrated, strategic marketing firm. You’ll work with our top of the line marketing consultants to determineMarketing Plans which marketing approach and message is best for you. We will then help you zero in on what you would like to accomplish with your business through marketing.

Next, our marketing consultants work collectively with our creative advertising and promotions experts to follow through with the fully developed marketing action plan. Whether you’re looking to expand your business, grow with niche marketing strategy or simply maintain your current level of clients to increase sales volume and revenue, we can help.

1. We Plan For Your Success.
We start out by developing a Strategic Marketing Plan full of creative marketing strategies along with a well developed unique selling proposition -all custom made just for you- and then we take it all one step further by transitioning the strategic marketing plans, creative marketing strategies and your new USP into Implemented and Profitable Campaigns.

2. Focus on Niche Marketing Strategy.
You know your business. We know marketing. By identifying your best niche markets (targeted markets or a narrowly defined group of potential customers) we then create the niche market strategy that will connect you with those prospects. Most types of businesses have competition. So how do you win the marketing war? The best way is to focus your efforts on a great niche marketing strategy.

We have a special process called the CAN-DO™ Process that is the catalyst that allows creative marketing ideas to come alive. This process digs down deep into your business from a marketing perspective to really hone in on -and find -your best niche markets. Niche marketing and targeted marketing works because it allows your company to fill a need that other companies don’t offer- but people (your future buying customers) are looking for. Targeted marketing allows the right prospects to find your business. Sometimes targeted marketing is actually an inward campaign designed to increase sales through employee motivation. Call for More Details.

3. Position Your Product with the Right Creative Marketing Strategy.
Once your target markets are defined, there are a number of creative marketing strategies available to help you with offline marketing and online marketing. Which creative marketing strategies are right for you? That’s where our marketing pros really shine for you through our CAN-DO™ Process!

We also will help you clearly define your USP (Unique Selling Position) your product position and product branding with the CAN-DO™ Process. Positioning your product and business with the right strategy brings you marketing help that includes finding repeat business, small business advertising, business promotions and new marketing ideas. We’ll even connect you with the right cost-effective marketing tools for you to use with your new strategies.

4. Turn Niche Market Strategy into Creative Marketing Services.
The marketing avenues we bring to you range from simple, easy to maintain client retention programs all the way to large-scale local or even national marketing campaigns. Thinking about television, radio, magazines, newspapers? Need a logo or corporate identity update? Will you be attending trade shows or sponsoring community events? Interested in direct marketing to get new customers or increase client retention? Simply need a brochure, website, business cards or maybe you want to make a DVD? No problem, we can help you.

Our creative marketing services team is the perfect outsource marketing firm. We don’t just leave you drowning in a sea facts and strategies from your marketing plan. We actually help our clients by taking those facts and strategies and bring them to life for you with our creative marketing services team. Our team has skilled graphic designers, web designers, copywriters and project managers to make sure that your ideas come to life – on time and on budget.

5. We Help You with Marketing Implementation.
Regardless of the marketing, advertising and promotional avenues you want to implement – from state of the art technology tools to time-tested hands-on promotions, Sweet Marketing Solutions will integrate your online and offline marketing strategies thus turning them into proven and profitable results.

Two core concerns most businesses have are time and money. One of the best ways to leverage time, save money and increase revenues is to work with an outsource marketing firm like Sweet Marketing Solutions. We’ll work with you step by step either in a short-term project or with a long-term goal in mind. We give you the strategy, create the ideas and then save you time and money by fulfilling and implementing those ideas for you.

We provide not only the products – We put Motion in your Promotion!

Here are details on a few of the specialty marketing plans we develop for clients. Contact us today if you are really serious about growing your business exponentially by improving your marketing!