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FACT: Companies on top of the first page of search engines are getting over 95% of the internet marketing web traffic. If you’re not there, they are clicking on your competitors! These days, it’s a sad fact that if you are not on the 1st page of Google then you don’t exist. The top 3 listings on Google get 95% of all the customers- everyone else gets the crumbs. What are you doing to get there...and stay there?

Free video reveals the #1 Secret to getting more quality leads online, by increasing your visibility, credibility and digital footprint-  and positions you as THE ‘Go To’ Expert in your profession to convert more prospects into customers.

 Everyone Uses the Internet to Research a Company, Product or Service before Making a Buying Decision – Are They Finding You?

95% of all Google searcher click on the top 3 search results. Are you showing up at the top of Google for the right keywords that convert and increase your ROI? 

FACT: if you can’t be found on the first page of Google then you don’t exist to your next potential customers. They will click on and buy from your competitors! There’s a right way…. and wrong way… to get to the top of Google listings.  For short term and long term success, you want to make sure you get your organic listings the RIGHT way.

Last year alone, Google made 513 changes to the way they decide who gets to show up in those 1st PAGE GOOGLE LISTINGS.

Watch this FREE video and we will show you how you can increase your digital footprint, increase your visibility & credibility and get ahead of your competition on Google AND all the major search engines.

We’ve used these same strategies for our own companies for years.  We still do.  We’ve done this successful marketing strategy for our current clients.

Note: Sweet Marketing Solutions is very selective of the types of companies we implement this marketing approach for. 

Watch this video and then contact us. Let’s talk.  Let’s see if you meet the criteria we need to position you as THE Go To Expert in your field in your local area.

If we are a match, and we implement our Web Marketing Done 4 You Program…

You’ll be Taking Your Online Marketing to the NEXT LEVEL: Imagine Being THE ONLY Choice to Click on the 1st Page of Google

What if your company was THE ONLY choice to click on the 1st page of Google… Would that be of value to you? We can make that happen you you! Just fill in the form above and we will set up your initial interview and Free Consultation to go over the details of the program.!

You’ll Get Long Lasting Organic Free Search Listings – This is NOT Pay per Click – Risk Free – Send No Money -Contact us today for your FREE Assessment and Marketing Consultation & See for Yourself!

After you click “GO” a new page will open. There you will find one question. Please answer that for us so we can get started on your free internet marketing competitive assessment and one to one live consultation. Remember, this is a totally free assessment . We want to show you what we can do for you at no risk to you. No obligation. Send no money. Not even a dollar. Nothing. Zilch. All free. Really! If you like what we do for you, then we’ll chat with you about doing more of it every month with a Web Marketing Done 4 You Package that works with your budget. 

You can be More Popular on Google and Promote Your Business -AT A PACE THAT WORKS FOR YOU!

FACT: Companies on top of the first page of search engines are getting over 95% of the internet marketing web traffic. If you’re not there, they are clicking on your competitors! These days, it’s a sad fact that if you are not on the 1st page of Google then you don’t exist. The top 3 listings on Google get 95% of all the customers- everyone else gets the crumbs. Where does that leave you?

Are you being noticed online as much as you want to be? Discover how you can promote your business more. This will save you A TON of time and make your life easier. Energize your business with the most important marketing strategies you need to have to produce lasting ROI for your online presence!

Our program is a PROVEN AND PROPRIETARY integrated marketing process. It starts online and then integrates with offline marketing designed to increase conversions from prospects to new clients, it increases client loyalty and helps generate more referrals for you. It’s a system that we’ve tested and used ourselves for years. We’ve built our business this way and we can build yours too. We work with you to help you reach your growth goals at a pace you can handle.


  • Your current marketing strategy strengths & weaknesses
  • Find out what your competitors are doing online
  • Your current digital footprint- and how to show up ranking higher than your competitors on Google
  • How we achieve Multiple Listings of your Business on the 1st Page of Google
  • Get more targeted prospects who find you online and that convert to customers
  • Discover how you can eventually be controlling the entire 1st page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the others…
  • BONUS: During our Confidential Marketing Consultation you will gain insights on how to reach your business growth goals using the integrated marketing techniques that convert prospects into customers

You can be controlling the 1st 10 pages of Google – ALL YOU – Let me show you how!

If you had little to no competition on the 1st through 10th pages of Google having pushed all your competitors down below you – AND you were the only company for a searcher to choose… Would that be of value to you? 

We’ve done it for ourselves. We’ve done it for our clients. We can do it for your company too. 

Then fill out the form above and Get Started TODAY. Cut through your competition and rank above them on Google!

This free free internet marketing competitive assessment and one to one live consultation offer is available to USA business only.

All my best,
Debbra Sweet's signature, Owner of Sweet Marketing Solutions

Debbra Sweet, Owner of Sweet Marketing Solutions
Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization Specialists

* Disclaimer: Offer ofree internet marketing competitive assessment and one to one live consultation is valid to USA based companies only.   Acceptance into the Paid Web Marketing Done 4 You Program will be determined after the initial free consultation.  Not all businesses will qualify.   Our firm only accepts one client in a geographic area for a specific product or service.  No adult materials, no promotion of hatred or racial issues, etc. Last: if your business is one where you are an independent distributor for an MLM or Direct Sales company (where you do not own your own website) this program will not work for you.   We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Deb and Dan,

Recently I got a call from a guy who wants us to do some work on a property he has here in San Diego.

I asked him how he heard about us and he said “online”. He said he read some articles and press releases about our company.
In particular, he liked the one about us being the “Nordstrom’s of Construction”.

Then, he went on to ask me “Who built your website?” I told him you did.

I always knew you and your team at Sweet Marketing Solutions were very good at what you do- but I thought I would share this with you. After I told him about your company, he continued on and said “I do marketing too. The company you are working with really knows their stuff. They are doing a great job for you. Keep working with them!”

All of us at HK Construction had already planned on keeping you on as our marketing team, but to hear that kind of feedback from someone- unprompted- confirmed what I already knew- you guys and all your team are simply the best.
We love working with you.

Oh yeah… I got the job from him too!

Marc G.

The team at Sweet Marketing Solutions has been amazing to work with! I had seen Debbra teach and train in our local business community on different aspects of leadership, business development, and marketing.

When we contacted her company our initial goal was to increase our Internet presence so that we could be a leader in our field online.

Through my initial consultations with Debbra where she strategized the approach on how to get our company to have a strong presence in many different areas on the Internet, the first thing we ended up doing was launching a new version of our website with her company.

We love our new website and all the content per team developed for us! In fact, while she was building our main website I had her also develop 10 pages of content for a second website that I own.

Once we launched our new site we started to see higher presence on the Internet. We then had her firm do a progressive internet marketing approach to get us a lot of exposure and placement in the search engines that would get us results short-term and have staying power. The team at Sweet Marketing Solutions always delivered just as they said they would.

In fact some of the work we do is very emergency based. There were times where we would get a job late at night, and I could contact Debbra and the team after hours- and they would have a press release done posted and promoted within a matter of hours! That’s incredibly quick response and it really helped us to increase our reputation, our credibility and allowed us to grow the company.

I highly recommend this team if you are looking for a reputable, trustworthy company to help you grow your business online and off-line!

Joe D.