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Logo Design

Logo design is integral to the look and feel of the brand you want your company to portray. A strong logo speaks volumes about the products, services and solutions you provide your clients.

A well designed logo quickly helps you identify with your target clients.  Logos are used in many areas of your marketing. They need to make an impact, deliver a statement and be easily recognized by your target audience.


Just as you need to keep your overall marketing fresh and in tune with current trends, your logo should be in tune with the times as well.

Smart companies know that a periodic review of their logo helps to ensure the identity and brand messaging of their marketing is strong, connects  with your intended prospects and reflects the image your business wants to portray.

At Sweet Marketing Solutions our design team and marketing consultants work hand in hand to produce logos that reflect the core culture and branding of your company.

We design logos for start ups, update existing logos and understand the nuances of printing on many substrates.  This is important when developing a logo that will carry you through time.  A well designed logo for web doesn’t always work on a pen.  A great looking logo on paper may not be able to be cost effectively printed on a promotional item.

Our creative team will take your needs and your goals into account when designing or updating your logo.   We’ll provide eye catching, statement making logos that work for you.

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