What type of growth do you want for your business this year?

Smart businesses know that to survive and actually thrive they need to innovate. To innovate is to change or alter by introducing something new; to remodel; to revolutionize.  Innovation in your business and marketing is the corner stone for you if you want to have financial success!

This year- decide to thrive and stay ahead of the recession with simple, successful,effective, and innovative ideas on how to adapt to market your business- regardless of any economic climate!

Did you know:

During hard economic times, companies that increase their marketing are seeing an increase of up to 275%.

(Those who don’t will be out of business in 2 years or less.)



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Apply for Enrollment Today in The


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Becoming proactive in your business and marketing instead of being reactive to conditions around you is the key success factor that strong, profitable business leaders have come to know and apply.

It is the foundation that keeps a business thriving in any market condition.  This is the insight that has made more millionaires in times of economic hardship than those who have made it in a ‘good economy’.

This is real world wisdom.  The American Dream of owning a successful business full of prosperity and freedom is alive and well… it’s easy to get, and you can have it if you simply know how to get it.

The beginning of this wisdom comes from understanding that successfully running and marketing a business for most people is not so easy when they try to do so without the guidance of an experienced mentor.

Why Most Businesses FAIL

Most businesses fail due to a lack of knowledge in how to structure and effectively market a business.  Most businesses fail because the business owner try’s to “do it all” without utilizing a team around them.  If you are building a business this way- there will be a point where you hit a wall.  (How do I know?…Because I’ve been there!) You try and try and try. You end up always being “the cat chasing the mouse”.  You work all day just to get caught up, only to finally surface, take a breath and then realize that your competition or your industry has changed!

Now it’s time to catch up again! For most business owners, this reactive way of doing things is the only way they know how to run the business. This reactive approach to business management and marketing is an endless cycle that leads to a business that may not survive the long haul.

So what’s a business owner to do?

Understand this: You have a choice. You can either do nothing or you can learn to be proactive. Be proactive in your thinking, proactive in your business and then you can become a proactive, thriving, business leader in your industry!  All you need is the right information and the right support to help you through the changes.

If you have made the decision to be proactive in your business so you too can have the American Dream, then it’s time to enroll in our Profit Maker Marketing Program because you will gain massive insight and insider information you can use today on how to easily and successfully market and grow your business.

Profit Maker Success Approach

Having a “Coach” is one of the most powerful business tools in the world. Because when you put your head together with someone who have “been there and done that,” your ideas don’t just double, they multiply exponentially.

The more skilled the coach you find, the more “hidden gold” you unearth.

You quickly discover that your Profit Maker Marketing Coach is invaluable in brainstorming creative solutions to pressing problems. Spotting overlooked opportunities in your business, flushing out hidden opportunities and leveraging great ideas in record time, plus much, much more.

Merely hanging out with a “Marketing Coach” is often worth many times the cost of the coaching. You gain a flood of new ideas and insights, from even the most casual chats.
Just ask leading entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, etc.  The “best of the best” ALWAYS have coaches.  (Just ask Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, Tom Hanks and any other high performing successful person.  They ALL have coaches and mentors!)

Inside the PROFIT MAKER MASTERMIND You’ll Discover:

    1. Innovative, Cost Effective, Results Producing Marketing strategies.
    2. How to position yourself and stand out as the “leading expert in your field”.
    3. Techniques on planning your marketing, scheduling your marketing plan and implementing your plan.
    4. How to develop consistent streams of income… even if you have NO previous experience and don’t know the first thing about technology or marketing.
    5. How to use professional and social networking to achieve your goals
    6. How to find the best product or business… that’s right for YOU!
    7. How to make money with YOUR business in just days…  instead of weeks, months or years.
    8. How to enjoy more time by leveraging marketing tools without working harder than you do today.
    9. How to overcome negative feelings, negative people and negative actions.
    10. Others gurus, mentors and business coaches I endorse or highly recommend.
    11. Effective Techniques on how to market and sell to prospects today.
    12. Insider info on how to ‘leap frog’ your ROI 
    13. BONUS:  Access to an exclusive global network to propel your business



Why work with Debbra Sweet? 

She has certainly found this to be true when she set her aim on accelerating the growth of her own business and personal wealth. Her best growth came when she had a handful of coaches at one time (each specializing in an area she wanted results in).

Whether you have an existing coaching program , or you are just wanting to get started with a brand new coaching program… She is the marketing coach for you.


Because she delivers results! She has been in your shoes. She has paid her dues. She has invested tens of thousands of dollars into her own growth and development… she knows how to deliver results for her clients.

Testimonials – Read what others are saying about Debbra Sweet:

“Debbra has coined the phrase “Can Do” in her business and she lives by that philosophy! She is a marketing professional who inspires other professionals that they CAN make positive changes in their business to move forward and grow. She has taken the word “can’t” out of her vocabulary! Debbra is innovative, creative, and a great listener when it comes to the needs of her clients.”Gina Ruby
Certified Health Coach
San Diego, CA.


“After just one 20 minute coaching session with Debbra, I went out and applied what she taught me.  At first, it felt a bit awkward- trying something new- but the end result is that three days later, I closed $10,000 worth of business from one new client!  I know I would never have gained that client if I hadn’t worked with Sweet Marketing Solutions!”Aaron Preman
Preman Roofing
San Diego, CA


“Debbra is an innovative thought leader, author and speaker and brilliant at marketing. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with Debbra on two different projects and have found her tireless, passionate and effective. Her latest creation, the Power of Leadership books, provide valuable, real-world information for working entrepreneurs who are on the street, getting it done.  I am truly looking forward to the next book in the series. If you have ever thought that you have it “in you” to succeed in business, you need to speak with Debbra.”Mike Gulitz
Marketing Pro Consulting
San Diego, CA.


“Debbra Sweet offers out of the box solutions and thinking when working to provide marketing solutions for her clients. Debbra is very thorough and is very meticulous to her approach in ensuring the marketing strategies and campaigns for the clients she works with are just the right fit. I have gotten to know Debbra over the last two years and she is an extraordinary business professional. She is very passionate about her business and her clients. I know that you will receive quality results when working with Debbra. I give her my highest recommendations.”Kathy David, CEO
IT TechPros, Inc.
Escondido, CA.

You are quickly coming upon a choice point in your life, where you will make a decision as to whether you’re going to continue to do things the way you’ve always done them… or whether you’re going to apply to join a group of like-minded business people intent on reworking their operations to have a positive impact on their near future AND so that their business serves them, not the other way around.

For just $397 per month you’ll attend two 90 minute Success Sessions via telephone per month. Prior to each call you’ll also receive via email a curriculum specially designed for each unique session.

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Limited Time Bonus Offer:
Enroll for 12 months and receive the Marketing Made Easy
Home Study Course absolutely FREE! (a $497 Value)

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What are the other members of
the Profit Maker Marketing Program like?

They Are:

  • Are givers and not just takers. They positively contribute to group discussions desiring to help others and deriving personal satisfaction by doing so.
  • Loving the exhilaration of the race, the joy of challenge and are willing to take the risk of failure in order to enjoy the thrill of success.
  • Steadily implementing ideas and changes between each session and personally embracing “Kaizen”, which is continuous improvement.
  • Genuinely appreciating constructive advice from others and are open to new ideas. There’s an old Jewish proverb that says, “Correct a fool and he will hate you; instruct a wise man and he will be still wiser.” The Profit Maker Marketing members also want that from their peers and mentors.
  • People who are not “whiners” and do not introduce negative energy into the group. In the exceedingly unlikely instance where someone is a problem, I’ll ask that person to leave; it’s just better for everyone that way.
  • Maintaining Confidentiality – Keeping private information private, and not ‘stealing’ opportunities from others. We’re going to be discussing confidential matters in the group, and everyone needs to be confident that their information will be kept safe.

Make this Year your Best Year Ever!

If you’re completely satisfied with your business, your marketing and your current direction, and you feel you are on track to reach all the goals you’ve set for yourself… (well if you really feel that way, I doubt you would have read this far)

I hope, having gone this far, that you won’t stop short, for whatever reason – skepticism, procrastination, cost – whatever the reason or excuse might be. You’ve gotten this far, and it’s now time to take action. Reserve your spot in my Profit Maker Marketing Program today and you’ll be on your way toward getting your American Dream.

At this time, I only have a handful of spots open- so I’d hate to have to inform you that your reservation was not received in time. I look forward to receiving your reservation ASAP. But more than that, I look forward to working with you, coaching you and helping you launch your business to the next level.

Best Regards,

Debbra Sweet
Sweet Marketing Solutions
NY Times Best Selling Author
Power of Leadership Books
Host, Power of Leadership Radio