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How to avoid costly marketing mistakes, increase your sales, your income and your peace of mind in only 7 fun sessions. 

Correct a fool and he will hate you.
Instruct the wise, they will be wiser.
Are you ready?

The main purpose most people are in business for themselves: To increase their income, work fewer hours and have greater peace of mind, and put their feet on economic solid ground, especially with the fast-changing nature of the current business landscape, the internet and the uncertainty of this time we live in.

Are you there yet?

It’s one thing to read books and e-books, to listen to CD’s and MP3’s and teleconferences… and even attend live seminars and hear people talk about winning marketing strategies. It’s an altogether different experience to sit down with a world-class pro and just do it right.

Which is why I’m inviting you to spend some time with me, Debbra Sweet (Author, Public Speaker, Sales Trainer,Marketing Guru and Founder of Sweet Marketing Solutions & Thrive Right Consulting.). You and I will roll up our sleeves and work together. Before we’re done, your business, your web site, your sales process, your ad campaigns and your marketing strategy are going to be measurably, demonstrably superior.

During our time together, the rest of the world and all its distractions will be shut out. In less than 14 combined hours (spread out over multiple separate sessions/days), your customer traffic and your sales will spike. You begin with tremendous momentum, a “jump start” if you will, and accelerate to greater business success faster than you ever dreamed possible!

How To Obtain FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS to all the expert, time tested and proven marketing tips, tricks, techniques that I have to offer:

It’s simple, enroll in our CAN-DO Process. You’ll discover “insider secrets” on how to Avoid Costly Marketing Mistakes, Increase Your Sales, Expand Your Profits, Acquire More Customers, and Make Larger Deposits Into Your Bank Account. We’ll meet for 7 sessions on 7 different days in a 3 month period, about 2-3 hours each session.

It’s easy to do, and believe me…

It’s so much fun that time will just fly by!

We’ll go through the whole process together and also also hone in on anything else you want to talk about. We’ll work on any project you bring with you. We’ll do keyword research, build your advertising campaigns, craft sizzling copy, write compelling emails and auto responders, set up testing and tracking systems, orchestrate big-picture plans… whatever it is that you need to move ahead at maximum speed, so that this is a killer year for your business.

You’ll also have access to my library, literally thousands of pages of reference material that I’ve accumulated during the last twenty years. If it can help you and I have it, it’s at your disposal while you’re in my program.

I’ve been on the inside of literally hundreds of successful businesses and I know what makes ’em tick. I know their idiosyncrasies, I know the odd success signals to look out for and I know the hidden pitfalls. Fourteen collective hours with me can change your life and your business. The confidence boost you get from this alone could make the difference, all by itself.

I’ve got the qualifications to help you move your biz forward. There’s just no substitute for getting this kind of help, in person, from a world-class practitioner. So, let’s get started today:

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Common Question: “Why should I be in YOUR marketing program instead of someone else’s?”

My clients collectively generate over a 500 million dollars in revenue every year. I’m literally one of the most influential people on in marketing today.  I’ve been called the “It Girl” by world renowned business and sales professionals such as the author Ben Gay III and Dr. Ivan Misner the founder of BNI (the world’s largest and most successful network marketing organization). The books I’ve co-authored are currently on the New York Times best sellers list.

I don’t really talk about it much, but I’m the only “Marketing Guru” who owns a topic – that topic is “Marketing Intuition”.  I have an uncanny knack of knowing what is going on in the “buying process” in the mind of the potential customer and relaying that information into what you should do to capture the sale before anyone else gets it.

There’s not one single copy writing expert who’s head and shoulders above all the rest.  Or SEO expert.  Or affiliate marketing expert. Or email marketing expert.  Or whatever.  But there is one specialist (that’s me) who is known as a marketing intuitive. I stand apart from the crowd because I’ve developed my skills, figured out who needs them, then wrapped my business around that target market to attract the best kind of client thus becoming known as the leading expert in my field.

I can help you do the same in your field of expertise that I’ve done in mine!

And it’s not like the landscape isn’t littered with would-be “marketing” experts. Some of them are actually worth listening to.  But the reason I’m positioned so well is: I know positioning. I know copy writing.  And testing and tracking.  And publicity.  And public speaking and sales training.  And offline marketing, even print advertising and direct mail. I’m no one-trick pony. I’m successful because I practice what I preach in all these different areas.

You want to dominate your market the way I dominate mine? The CAN DO Process is the place to master that craft. Honestly it’s the only place you’re going to discover many of the things I know.  It’s the only place where I hold nothing back.

The purpose of my CAN DO Process is to increase your income, work fewer hours and have greater peace of mind, and put your feet on economic solid ground, especially with the fast-changing nature of the current business landscape, the internet and the uncertainty of this time we live in.

Marketing Techniques are Just One Piece of the Puzzle

In all spheres of life, world-class performers always have coaches. Even Michael Jordan needs a coach. In business, too, every top-ranking performer has a coach and a mentor. And now, you’re being invited to become one of the few entrepreneurs from literally around the world that will be part of my elite mastermind program.

I understand the value of good coaching. I’ve been under the tutelage of Zig Ziglar (who’s sharpened my sales skills tremendously, and saved my butt from multiple bad decisions), Dr. Ivan Misner (I now employ a number of important sales, management and networking strategies he taught me) and Dan Kennedy (who consistently brings more hard-core business insights than anyone else I know).

In addition to the coaching and networking groups I belong to… I also spend a great deal of time and resources on personal development. Over the last four years, I have easily spent more than $250,000 on consulting, books, tapes, coaching, good ole’ trial and error and so on. The more I spend on personal development and coaching, the more successful I become. Imagine that!

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We’re well into 2007 now. In 2008 and Beyond, Will You Suffer, or Prosper?

Marketing: Prosper or Suffer?

Right now we live in, for the most part, a fantastic economy. Money is flowing faster than ever before in history. People who haven’t got the foggiest clue about anything are becoming millionaires (geez!) just because they bought a house in the right neighborhood five or ten years ago.

The business environment has never been better for making huge amounts of money. And I know you’ve made huge strides yourself. But there’s never any guarantee things will stay the way they are now.

Today, knowing what I know, knowing what you know, there’s no reason whatsoever for you or I to go hungry, or ever experience those kind of difficult circumstances. The tools and know-how are available to all of us, such that we can prosper regardless of the outside conditions.

Nevertheless, things can change. The other day somebody was on the radio talking about how the savings rate in the USA has dipped to ZERO percent. Zero. And this nitwit had the audacity to say this was good because it meant American consumers have confidence in the economy.

Excuse me, sir, but when people have zero in reserve, it means that when the slightest tremor occurs, they’re going to max out the third mortgage on their house and then go into sheer panic. With no reserve, ‘consumer confidence’ is an illusion. When people panic, things can get ugly, real easy. I wanted to scream, Zero percent savings is bad, not good, you idiot!

I’m an optimistic woman and I don’t worry too much that the sky might be falling. But you and I should always be asking the question: What if things do change? What if the economy takes a nose dive? What if money gets tighter? What if competition in my market doubles in the next year? What if the upward trend, that has increased so many peoples’ net worth, heads the other way?

If the next 10-15 years brings a crushing baby-boomer burden to the Social Security system and the health care system, where will you be? What if politicians, driven by greed and desperation, slap us with tons of new taxes? (It would be naive to think they wouldn’t or won’t.)

Will you have sufficient funds to ignore the chaos, dismemberment and despair that’s going on outside? More importantly, do you right now have a reserve of intelligence, strategy, eyes and ears and brainpower that will power you through the low spots?

Do You Know What This Symbol Is?

This is the Chinese symbol for crisis.

The character on the left means danger. The character on the right means opportunity.

Understand this: Regardless of what next month, next year or next decade may bring – regardless of what the government cooks up, or what kind of restrictive legislation comes down the pipe (and it will), or the economy – it’s all got huge upside potential IF you know what to do when it happens. IF you’re well advised. IF you’re agile, IF your success is built on sound principles and not merely flash-in-the-pan techniques.

In times of economic depression, most people fall behind, but others prosper enormously. It always works that way, you know. Vast fields of opportunity lie before you, and in the absence of any impending doom, the immediate challenge is to put as much money in your bank account as you possibly can, as fast as you can.

In my CAN DO Process I’ll equip you to the best of my ability with all the technical skills you need to succeed in successfully marketing your business. This process will to allow you to make profound changes in the way you bring in new business.

Part of the magic of this process is that we not only do marketing and cook up brilliant strategies, but we work on our heads, too – our expectations, our hidden fears, and our ability to set goals and have high expectations of achieving them.

We talk about a lot more marketing ideas than just a basic run of the mill plan and the scope is far wider than mere web sites, ad copy and marketing techniques. What challenges do you face? Staff problems? Strategies for hiring employees, writers and subcontractors? Managing fast growth? Setting bigger goals? Accountability, to stick to the goals you set? More than likely, the help you need is right here in our process. Odds are we know of someone else who has already cleared the hurdle you face and we can draw directly from that experience.

With the CAN DO Process, we see things through a much wider lens. Sometimes a plan you’re about to execute is just about perfect – but one adjustment doubles your net profit, for almost no additional work. I’ve seen it happen to others over the past year and that’s fantastic!

Marketing Success
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Bubble-Riding vs. Staying Power

Have you ever been concerned that your business is doing well because it’s “riding a bubble”? Hey, sometimes that is the case. That’s not bad; it just is what it is. But often a small adjustment can ensure that you’re on solid ground when the bubble does burst. Navigating those waters is what the CAN DO Process is all about.

Plus, as part of our seven intensive 2-3 hour meetings, we’ll drill down into your sales process. If you haven’t fully mastered sales conversion, that’s okay – it’s not your fault. It’s a challenging skill.

If you haven’t mastered the sales process yet, then know this – by the time we’ve had a couple of mastermind sessions in the following months, you will become a master, a sales conversion black belt. Our goal is for you to be in total command of your market and have a higher conversion rate than anybody else in your marketplace.

You’ll be more focused and more in charge of your entire business, your colleagues will appreciate your new-found skills, and your family will appreciate the additional income that will bring.

We’re going to help you reinvent your businesses where needed… tune up your sales systems… set big goals and reach them… get more of your favorite type of clients… earn more money, take more time off… get that elusive reality of “Marketing On Autopilot” working for you so really do enjoy the “good life” lifestyle that most people only dream about.

Yes, marketing your business does require an investment of time, money and vigilance, but when it’s running properly it only needs minor adjustments and little day-to-day maintenance. It’s an immensely valuable asset, financially as well as personally.

Why I Chose the Name

The CAN DO Process is an acronym, it stands for: The Core Analysis Necessary for the Development and Overseeing of your strategic niche marketing plan.

Are you familiar with a period in history known as the Renaissance? The Renaissance was a golden age when artistic transformation and the scientific revolution charged ahead at unprecedented speed in Europe. The Renaissance today was the beginning of the modern advantages we now enjoy.

Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, and dozens of others greatly altered the trajectory of the world with their discoveries and innovations in the 1400’s and 1500’s.

It was during the time known as the Renaissance that the fruits of those efforts became apparent to all.   Remember the alchemists? Even Alchemy itself was in fact based on an abundance philosophy – a belief that there really is enough to go around for everyone, we just have to figure out how to create it. The alchemists thought wealth came through the transformation of lead into gold, when in fact wealth really comes through the transformation of ideas into implementation.

When Intel turns sand into Pentium chips, that’s alchemy. When Microsoft or any other software company turns 1’s and 0’s into software that performs time-saving tasks for you, that’s alchemy. When Google organizes all the information in the world and puts it at your fingertips, that’s alchemy.

And it’s no different for you and me, though on a smaller scale – when you and I enter the conversation inside our customers’ heads, scratch their itch and provide them with a genuine solution to their problem, based on our knowledge and experience, that’s alchemy, too. The CAN DO Process is a mastermind of modern alchemy.

And then there’s the coaching and advisory aspect. What’s that? It’s the mystical table in Camelot around which King Arthur and his knights sat to discuss matters crucial to the security of the realm. They would go out alone into the dark forest and share their experiences and victories with one another. The un-adventurous need not apply.

And in the CAN DO Process, who can say? We may also be found jousting, feasting and dancing together as well…

Enter the Business and Marketing Renaissance of the 21st Century

The period of history we are in right now is a Renaissance of business and marketing. The underlying principles were already discovered 100 years ago; false notions have been swept away and we are in a new dawn of forward progress. This progress will only accelerate.

It is because of this that I’ve developed the CAN DO Process for a select group of “Can Do” minded “Let’s get the job done” type of fearless, forward thinking leaders.

You may not think of yourself as a Galileo or a DaVinci or a Michelangelo. But you are successfully doing what very, very few people know how to do: You are running a business (that you may well have started from scratch) and are growing it into a profitable, respectable enterprise. In the face of brutal competition, in a business landscape that changes by the hour; operating with excessive taxation, extreme cynicism on the part of consumers, and a corrosive, anti-business sentiment propagated by the media, who portray hard-working entrepreneurs as hucksters and villains – in the midst of all this, you have built a successful enterprise.

I get it and I acknowledge you for it. Your’s is no small accomplishment! While Enron, MCI/Worldcom and their Wall Street cronies happily ripped off investors and fed the cynicism, you planted seeds of growth. You’ve driven the real growth that corporate America can only pretend to create. What you do is really THE untold story of why we have a booming economy – despite offshore manufacturing, despite gas topping $3 per gallon, despite the fact that our top colleges and universities dump millions of educated derelicts into our streets every year.

Despite the fact that most businesses are run by corporate drones who fail to grasp even simple principles of cause and effect, investment and Return on Investment. It’s because of your entrepreneurial and business Renaissance that I call this The CAN DO Process.

And Yet There is Another Reason I Call This the CAN DO Process:

Know that I am very serious about this program. I have things to teach you, and you have things to learn. Whenever a group of like-minded people gather, there is a level of energy that elevates everybody. The dynamics are such that one plus one equals not two, but three or four.

I’m not doing this because I need the money. Money is nice, but it’s not the thing that makes me roll out of bed every morning. I’m doing this because I have a wider vision – not merely helping my clients help themselves to bigger piles of money, but elevating the level at which our game is played, raising the bar on how marketing and business in general are done.

Because marketing is the single most valuable skill in business today, savvy business owners have the potential to make huge contributions to the world at large. How? By introducing worthy, superior products and services, with higher levels of integrity and by literally shutting less deserving players out of the game.

There’s so much bull-plop going on out there, and I’m sick of it. I think you’re sick of it, too, and I’m inviting you to be a part of the solution. With real human contact, not plastic, manufactured personality; facts, not pseudo-science or smoke and mirrors; but with real world proof and proven strategic techniques that get the results you desire.

Doing Good in the World – and Earning More For It

When I help you and you go out and help your customers, then in some small way, I’m doing good in the world. I get to share in a small measure of good in every worthy deed you do.

Now make no mistake about it… the purpose of this process is that we will be getting together to make more money. I’m not ashamed to say that, and I hope you have no problem with that either.

But please recognize that the secondary benefit is that I’ll help you identify your true goals in life. Perhaps making more money is not the driving force in your life – maybe you want to take time off and pursue a specific interest. Maybe you just want to drain some of the stress out of your life or get more control of your schedule.

Whatever it is… we’ll identify it, and then I’ll help you put together a plan to achieve it. These life goal plans will be developed in our one-on-one private coaching calls and in the context of the CAN DO Process.

The tide can always turn. Five years from now, somebody you know will wake up living in his car and wonder what happened. There are no guarantees of prosperity, no matter how many positive affirmations we recite or whatever. What matters is alertness and performance.

Is There a Magic Wand That Will Guarantee Your Success?

Of course not. But you do have two enormous assets, which I know you are only beginning to fully profit from: First, in all the history of the world you are a totally unique individual. Unique fingerprints, unique passions, unique interests and talent zones.

Second, you have a unique history of experiences – a vast encyclopedia of people, places, events, successes and failures.

You have unique roles to play – husband or wife, son or daughter, friend, employer, teacher, parent, advisor. You have hopes and fears and blind spots and aspirations like all of us, and you know there are steps you can take to become even more successful, however you personally define success.

So what am I looking for in clients of the CAN DO Process?

I want people who:

  • Are givers and not just takers.

  • Have a willingness, no, a hunger to succeed.
  • Love the exhilaration of the hunt, the joy of challenge, the risk of failure and the thrill of success.
  • Steadily implement ideas and changes between each meeting and personally embrace Kaizen, continuous improvement.
  • Genuinely appreciate corrective advice from others; be coachable. There’s an old Jewish proverb that says, “Correct a fool and he will hate you; instruct a wise man and he will be still wiser.”
  • People who are not “whiners” and do not introduce negative energy into the process. In the exceedingly unlikely instance where someone is a problem, I’ll refund their money, ask that person to leave and simply part ways; it’s just better for everyone that way.
  • Maintain confidentiality – keep private information private. We’re going to be discussing confidential matters in our sessions, and everyone needs to be confident their information will be kept safe.

Let Me Ask You Two Questions:

1) Have you ever started a project with gusto, gotten feverishly excited about it, and then quit?

2) Ever read a book, attended a seminar, only to quickly lapse into the same mundane routine – only to move on to the next new thing?

Having a good coach eliminates these problems. It makes you accountable. A good coach recognizes when you need encouragement, or if you’re getting slack and you need a little kick in the butt. A good coach discerns when to guide you and when to help you figure out something on your own.

If you’ve gotten this far in this letter and truly understand what I’ve been saying to you… then this must be a very exciting time for you. This is one of those inflection points – one of those times when you will remember this season of your life and feel satisfied that you’ve made the right decision.

You are quickly coming upon a choice point in your life, where you will make a decision as to whether you’re going to continue to do things the way you’ve always done them… or whether you’re going to join a group of like-minded business people intent on reworking their operations so that the business serves them, not the other way around.

So What Might Be Stopping You from Doing this Now?

Still, there are legitimate reasons why you might NOT choose to go through the CAN DO Process or to even read further…

Have you ever heard the old saying: In the land of the blind the man with one eye gets to be king? It’s true. And you may be so advanced compared to the rest of your industry, you may not need this to stay on top of your game to this degree. Some people are quite successful and not really as hungry as they used to be. If that’s you, this isn’t a match.

Also, some people don’t deal with criticism well. Or they listen to it and don’t act on it. Some people are very secretive and excessively paranoid. They sit in a meeting and never say anything, they just lurk. That’s fine on a teleconference, not OK in an interactive mastermind program like the CAN DO Process.

You may feel you are too far away. We’ll, you’re not. We have CAN DO clients all over the continental USA who have grown immensely and have achieve a greater level of success in their business they ever though possible. Those who do participate in spite of the distance reap great rewards and are great clients. I do love diversity.

Again, if you do understand the value of a coaching and mastermind program like this… if you fully realize the magnificent synergy that comes from the interaction… if you understand that the wisdom of a group of powerful business and marketing professionals far exceeds the wisdom of any one individual… then this program is for you.

And when you add the coaching and mentoring skills I bring… and if you can imagine the peace of mind and confidence that come from us working together, both on your business and your personal goals… then this program is for you.


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You know, it’s the try before you buy kind of thing. I get it. I want you to be comfortable with me and have full confidence in my abilities before we work together. So since you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, why not just schedule a convenient appointment to spend some time with me for free? I promise I won’t pressure you into anything you don’t want and I’ll also give you some free expert advise and marketing tools you can use right away.


My Final Thoughts

If you’re completely satisfied with your business, your marketing and your current direction, and you feel you are on track to reach all the goals you’ve set for yourself… well if you felt that way, I doubt you would have read this far.

Undoubtedly you understand the value of The CAN DO Process. And you know that as you harvest the rewards of this marketing intensive program, your life will improve in so many ways.

I hope, having gone this far, that you won’t stop short, for whatever reason – skepticism, procrastination, cost,  whatever the reason may – be rest assured, we’ll find a way to make this happen for you. You’ve gotten this far, and it’s now time to take action. Enroll in the CAN DO Process Today!

I look forward to receiving your enrollment request. But more than that, I look forward to working with you and coaching you to greater success.


Debbra Sweet
President and CEO,
Sweet Marketing Solutions

Marketing Success
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