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“Serendipity” is when you make fortunate discoveries by accident.

“Innovation” is when you cause those accidental discoveries to happen – on purpose.

“Black Magic” is when you can reliably solve problems that thoroughly mystify most other people.

Innovation is the surest way out of a jam. Innovation is taking discoveries from an outside discipline and applying them neatly and easily. The beautiful thing about innovation is you don’t have to wait for “something to happen.” Somebody somewhere has already solved the problem, you just need to apply it here. 

In 2005 Debbra Sweet and I had a conversation about innovation and how to apply it in marketing, where it was almost unheard of.  We researched it and a few months later the CAN-DO (TM) Process was born. Soon after we were making improvements in the advertising results of other small businesses nationwide. Lately, we’ve been making improvement in the conversion ratio of our clients’ web sites that would normally take a year, in only a few weeks.

Such a discovery would be “serendipity” for most people.  But Debbra deliberately asks herself this question: “What normal, everyday idea in industry A could solve a problem in industry B?”

That’s innovation. 

When you know how to do this, the problem you are faced with right this moment becomes infinitely simpler. It is almost ALWAYS necessary to go outside of the world you already know, if you want to make serious headway. Existing knowledge will only keep you stuck.

For Debbra, innovation is a systematic process that regularly, reliably gets you out of the jam you’re in.  To outsiders it appears to be “black magic”.

If you’re a consultant, a little “black magic” goes a l-o-o-o-o-n-g way…. but under the hood, it’s as simple as a-b-c.  And if you’re a business person who’s trying to stay ahead of the rat race, the occasional sprinkle of black magic can really bring satisfying results and improve cash flow.

The core of Debbra’s method is a system of self-discovery that results in specific information about your company to determine the best position for your company in the market place. It clearly defines who you should be talking to (and working with), what you need to say to them (your marketing message) and outlines the strategies that will work best for your company to achieve the results you want. 

It is so simple, so elegant, it can be applied to ANY business problem at ANY scale, large or small, and produce an immediate insight.


It is so simple, so elegant, it can be applied to ANY business problem at ANY scale, large or small, and produce an immediate insight. And I mean, immediate. Whether it’s a simple thing like selling a small retail product or merging two corporations.

Because if you have the right structure for solving problems, it doesn’t matter how big or small the problems appear to be.  It’s like Thoreau said: “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”

In the world of Business Marketing, most people are just selling band-aids. “Add this spiffy piece of software to your website and it’s going to magically solve all your problems.” “Read this book and discover how to have all your dreams come true for free.” “Pay us $99 and you’ll lose 99 pounds in 99 days.”  On and on it goes and weeks turn into months and still no progress.

It’s time to stop putting band-aids on your biz problems and get to the root and solve them for good.  That’s what Debbra Sweet does, and that’s why companies like American Express and Johns Hopkins University attend mastermind groups, have marketing plans and consistently implement well-developed marketing strategies. You should too.

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