Featured press techniques increase your visibility and credibility footprint for other journalists, media specialists and customers to find information about your business.  news-worthy-press-v2

The purpose of including press and media strategies into your marketing plan is to get you and your news in front of as many people as possible. 

Sweet Marketing Solutions works with you to develop and position you as the leading ‘Go To’ Expert in your area.  Featured press is a key component to leveraging your companies growth via quality content and press worthy situations.

Depending upon your marketing plan, the growth goals of your company and your companies desired results from proactive campaigns, we offer a variety of options for achieving featured press for you and your company.

Many people thing of  ‘press’ as online press releases. That is part of it. There’s more.

Depending on who you are, what ‘stories’ you have, and how we approach marketing your company, there are many other ways to gain media and press exposure.

Press and media coverage, when done well, have the potential to produce:

  • Instant Visibility
  • Brand Building
  • Inbound links
  • Increased Traffic
  • Increase Sales
  • Position Yourself as a Thought Leader or “Go To” Expert

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Debbra and the Sweet Marketing Solutions team,

I wanted to let you know I finally understand why you keep asking me all those questions each Monday!

For a long time, I really did not ‘get’ how you could take what I do each day and use it to market my company. I was referred to you by a friend, and she said you were the best. I know your team has been very consistent in the web marketing you’ve been doing for me, but since I’m still an ‘old school’ guy at heart, at times, I wasn’t sure how your online marketing was going to help me get business.

Now I do.

That press release you wrote about the bunny … and how it relates to cars not running, well, I had a lady come into our shop the other day to have us work on her car. She told me she read a Press Release online about me, and that it was one that talked about the bunnies being in one of our customer’s cars that wasn’t running when they brought it to us.

She said it really caught her attention, and she took the time to research us more. She saw all the great things you did for us to market us online- and now she’s my customer.

Here’s the best part- she’s one of the top reporters for one of our local news stations! She said to let her know anytime we have other stories like that because she would come out to do a featured news piece on us!

Wow! I am very thankful for your patience with me.
Keep up the great work marketing my business.



Deb, Dan and the SMS Team:

I wanted to let you know that once again, all the work and effort that your team puts into marketing my company has paid off.

You guys have been great with some of the last-minute things I add to your ‘to-do list’. For example: when I decided to run a newspaper advertising campaign that tied in with the Del Mar fair- I only gave you a couple of days to get that job done. Not only did you revamp my ad that was going into the newspaper so that it was clean, eye-catching, and delivered my sales promotion, your team went above and beyond and strategized an integrated approach to tie this ad into my website.

The downloads you made for my site, the video you put together to build my credibility- all tied together and within the first day of our print ad hitting the papers, we closed for sales of our key product! That brought us about $40,000 in gross sales that first day alone.

I know at first I gave you a hard time about some of the press releases you were doing, but I thank you for sticking to your guns and being firm with me. We got a call from a reporter from one of the newspapers who now wants to do a featured story on our company because of all the press releases, you wrote.

As an ‘ old school’ kind of guy, all this Internet marketing was really new for me- and you are very patient with me when I would question you over and over again about why we needed to do this. I knew deep inside to trust you… that you understood what you were doing.

I greatly appreciate how your team works together I thank you for helping us to grow our business!

With warm regards,

P.S. I forgot to tell you that that first article the newspaper reporter wrote, has now turned into four. From those we picked up about another $60,000 in close business so far!