Why companies choose to work with Sweet Marketing Solutions:

With over 30 years in practical development and implementation of a variety of marketing, advertising and promotions, Sweet Marketing Solutions is led by Founder and CEO Debbra Sweet. Her personal background and entrepreneurial experience leads a staff of top rated experts in their own creative niche. Together, creativity flows and your ideas become real.

Sweet Marketing Solutions has distinguished itself by innovation of developing: key proprietary system for assessment and development of business and marketing plans, specialty niche marketing programs, sales, marketing and business development courses, specialty classes and hands on training programs.

Another key distinguishing factor of Sweet Marketing Solutions is that this company is not one to just ‘push a product’ because the buzz may be touting it as the ‘next best thing since sliced bread’. Our founder understands that being timely and current with marketing is important to connect with prospects and create quality relationships with prospects and clients.  However, many times the ‘next best thing’ can be costly if the foundation of your marketing plan and system is not well developed.

There’s more to growing a business than just having a cool marketing idea. It takes planning, development, implementation and timely follow through to maximize your time, efforts and investment.

Sweet Marketing Solutions is not a ‘cattle call’ style agency. The clients we on-board need to meet key criteria for short term and long term success. That success is not just about the immediate marketing campaign, product or project we work on. It’s about your commitment and dedication to growing YOUR business successfully.

The clients who work with Sweet Marketing Solutions value the approach our firm takes. We don’t just bring book knowledge and cheap talk to the table. We’ve walked the walk. We do for ourselves what we recommend to our clients. In fact, before our firm ever offers a marketing idea or solution to the public (our potential clients and current clients)- we invest into it ourselves for at least 2 years!

There’s a value in knowing that your marketing firm has ‘skin in the game’ when it comes to the marketing plans, programs and ideas they present. Not only does Sweet Marketing Solutions use their own marketing ideas for their company, but they do so for all the companies the founders own and run. Over the years, the best clients Sweet Marketing Solutions works with, often are the CEO’s, Owners and Executives who also own multiple companies. Knowing how to run and grow one business is a skill. Doing the same for multiple companies requires a different set of skill sets, knowledge and commitment. (Note: If you only own one company, you can still be a client of ours.)

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself to see if the alignment with your company and Sweet Marketing Solutions could be a good fit:

1. Are you coachable?  (Sometimes effective marketing requires a fresh perspective and a different approach to doing things in your business.)

2. Are you committed to growing your company? We work with your pace- but consistency in marketing is important.  For our ideal clients, we also need weekly or monthly communication with you and your team to be most effective for you.

3. Do you have a consistent budget dedicated to your marketing?  One of the biggest challenges to having effective marketing is consistency.  It’s not about the size of your budget that matters to us first. Consistency is.  What is the budget you can dedicate monthly for now?  We can work with that.  When you talk with our team, you will  understand the how.

Last: Our ideal clients want to be known and positioned as THE go to Expert in their field in their geographic area.  When we on-board a client, especially for certain key marketing strategies, we only take on one company in one profession in one geographic area.  We know how to help you become the ‘go to’ company. We’ve done it ourselves. Continue to do so. We also do it for our select clients.  Contact us today and set up time for a private conversation with one of our lead Marketing Consultants.

Experience the difference…

Traditional agency’s often get caught up in the ‘creative’ and sometimes overlook ‘effective’ when it comes to developing advertising campaigns. Our passion lies within producing marketing, advertising and promotions that not only capture the essence of your business – but more importantly help you connect with your intended audience to produce a direct result.

The creative team at Sweet Marketing Solutions understands that there is a difference between image advertising, direct response marketing, experiential marketing, promotions…and more. Basically, there are many ways to reach your audience and at Sweet Marketing Solutions we create campaigns that will help you connect with the right target at the right time.

It starts with a plan. Then we provide blended efforts of print designers, web designers, promotions specialists, event and party planning, copy-writing, market research and efficient organizational systems to help oversee and manage your marketing campaigns.

With each client we develop a look, feel and message that is the right fit for their business. We work with people in business who want to create a unique image in the market and attract the right prospects. By focusing in on your needs and the needs of your customers, we brand your company with the image and message best suited to help you fit with your customers. Our creative teams then make sure your unique image is carried through with everything we do.

Click here to see some of the clients we have worked with.

Call us at 760-597-2790 for more details or email us below. Let’s get started in helping you implement effective marketing to grow your business the way you want!

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