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Start Up Business Marketing Plans

It's one thing to take your passion and turn it into a business. It's another thing to make that business last for many years to come.

Start-up-planning-v1Congratulations on taking the first step in your entrepreneurial journey by launching a new start up business!

You have probably heard the statistics of how many new businesses do not last more than two years.  Learning how to take your passion and make it a sustainable income requires new skill sets. Most people start a business because they’re good at something. However, when it comes to knowing what to do to market, advertise and promote your business effectively, a specific set of skill sets are needed.

It is possible to learn how to effectively market your business- but that requires time.

Over the years we’ve seen new businesses all too often make common mistakes. These mistakes often are related to the choices they make for marketing, promoting an advertising business.  As a start of business owner you have many decisions to make.  You may be working with a limited budget, and you need that budget to work for you.

One of the most important decisions you can do from the beginning that can help lay the foundation for years of success is: actually have a written start up business marketing plan.  Knowing how to take your conceptual ideas for how you think you want to promote the business and turn them into tangible, tactical, proven strategies that will make you money is where Sweet Marketing Solutions can support you.

Our team of experts offer you a few options to develop start up marketing plans.

Three types of marketing plans you can choose from are:

As a new business owner it will be important for you to understand how to integrate marketing throughout all the business systems you will also need to develop.  If you’ve never run a business before, another support option to help you with learning how to set up a structure and manage your business systems and operations is through our sister company: Thrive Right Consulting.

Thrive Right Consulting offers workshops, webinars, specialty training classes and one to one leadership and business development coaching sessions.

To help you get started down the right path for success with your new start up business, contact us today for a complementary consulting session with one of our expert marketing plan consultants.


Debbra has the ability to analyze a client’s business model and create a great marking plan.

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