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Exit Strategy Marketing Plans

Have you have reached that point in your career when you're thinking about wanting to make a change in your working relationship within the company? An exit strategy will help you make sure you have covered the bases so that you can maximize your earnings and ensure a smooth transition when you leave.

Did you know: one of the most important actions you can take to build a successful company is to develop specific plans that will guide the course of your business development.

There are businesses that have a business plan, growth strategies, a marketing plan, a SMS-Exit-Strategy-Marketingcontingency plan, and an exit strategy plan.

Do you?

When you start to look at options for how you can exit from your company, you will discover there are many avenues that you can take a look at. It’s important to find the right one for you.

  • Do you want to sell your business? Will it be be to a family member, an employee on staff, a competitor, a customer, or an outside investor?
  • Do you want to simply replace yourself from day-to-day operations and manage the business as an off site owner?
  • Are you looking to grow the business to take the next step of opening multiple locations or even franchising for passive income?
  • Is it your intention to leave a legacy and turnover the ownership of the business to a loved one in the family?
  • Or are you simply thinking of shutting the business down and liquidating your assets to walk away?

In each type of exit strategy there is one thing in common: the need and benefit to maximize the revenue potential of your company now.

When selling your company, your buyers will often offer you more money when they see that the business they’re buying  has strong systems documented and running, a written business and marketing plan, a solid and easily workable database, a good business name,  and  many other details for consideration.

You’ve worked a long time to build your business.   You deserve a reward for all the time and effort.  Taking the action step to develop an exit strategy marketing plan- now – as part of your bigger approach to transitioning out of your business is worth the time and investment.

The founders of Sweet Marketing Solutions have hands-on experience  not only in starting  businesses, but in:  growing them, fixing, renovating,  and selling them.   One key to maximizing profit potential for selling your business is to have everything documented for the new business owner.

Our team of experts can develop your exit strategy marketing plan.  We can also help you develop a full marketing plan that can be sold as an asset with the business.  Through strategic relationships with trusted advisers we can also recommend to you experts in: tax planning, legal advice, financial planning, estate planning, real estate experts, and even life or career coaches. 

Contact Sweet Marketing Solutions today and ask for an initial consultation.  This first call is free to you and it will enable you to work with  top strategists to give you insights on options available to you for developing a marketing plan to help support your vision on how you want to exit your company.