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Door #3

Coaching. Consulting. Training.

Door number three:  This door has been a part of our company since the very beginning. We work with companies and business owners with a variety of ways to support them including: marketing coaching, consulting and training.

Here’s why this is important:

We understand that marketing is involved of every aspect of your business.  In fact, because we know and understand how to help create business systems that are very strong- it is important that the new marketing you do is able to fit into how you run your business so that it does not ever overwhelm you or your staff.  You’ve put time, effort and energy into developing effective marketing. It’ worth the investment to understand how to integrate it into your business. 

That would be important to you, right?

Every time you start a new marketing campaign or program, it takes time to adjust your business operations to it.

Part of our services and some of our specialty programs include monthly coaching and support from our consultants. We work with you and your staff so that you understand and know how these marketing tools will help you build your business.

Some things we do need your involvement at least a little bit each month. We want to help make sure you’re successful so we provide different types of training and support for you. 

Here’s a quick look at the distinctions between these types of marketing support:

A marketing consultant is skilled and knowledgeable in consumer behavior and the marketing process. This includes having the ability to identify your a target market and position your product or service offering in a way that will interest consumers and make them want to buy.

A great marketing consultant will be able to not only think creatively but analytically. They must be able to not only be creative, but to be able to gain results from that creativity. They are skilled in marketing, business, communications and psychology.    Our firm has been an integrated firm from day one. We have highly analytic, research oriented team members. We also have very creative team members. The consultants we have on board are able to approach your marketing support from both left brain and right brain thinking. 

A marketing coach  is someone who will enable you to improve, motivate you and hold you accountable to your goals and enable you to grow.  Working with your ideas, they inspire you to take your marketing ideas and help you problem solve, develop new ideas and help you to create your own action plan for achieving your marketing goals. 

A trainer has developed specialized skills. The goal of a trainer is to help improve the performance of an individual or group of people. The performance areas can range from “soft skills” or “people skills” to “hard skills” relating to specific technical tasks. In order to effectively support the team, the Sweet Marketing Solutions trainers have a genuine, vested interest in the short term and long term success of our clients.

The training options Sweet Marketing Solutions provides ranges from:  product training or use of new marketing tools, through virtual or on site training of your staff so they know and understand the marketing campaigns we develop for you.  This on-site or virtual training also can include specialty training programs and classes that are designed for your company, based upon your marketing plan, and will create a cohesive team by your staff so they are able to be part of the implementation, conversion, and client retention process we develop for you. 

Sweet Marketing Solutions has proprietary training programs that can be the basis of the marketing training we do for you.

Another training option companies contract Sweet Marketing Solutions for is to develop new marketing training and sales programs just for their company.  Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, franchisers, and companies with multiple corporate owned locations have benefited by some of the specialty training programs we’ve developed. If your company only has a single location, we can do proprietary training program development for you too based upon your business growth goals and your marketing plan.

Two other training options Sweet Marketing Solutions provides clients with are: Classroom Style Workshops and  the Marketing Made Easy online study course.   These two options are great for the younger business, one on a budget, or the do-it-yourselfer.  Low cost, high impact, specialty marketing training is available for those who wish to learn at their own pace. 

Click Here to set time for talking with a Marketing Consultant about which support option is best for you.

“Debbra, I am a REALTOR but have been in medical sales for most of the last 10 years, culminating in sales management. I am considering several roofing sales opportunities and wanted to speak with someone in the industry (in the “know”) to ask what they think of the outlook for this type of work, if it’s truly “recession-proof” as some of the hiring managers have pitched, whatever other advice I could get. I found your site through Google to then to a forum and then to your own website….as an “outsider” to this industry, I really would appreciate your advice. Thanks!”

“Debbra, I took your advice and went into roofing sales about a year and a half ago. I did very well, promoted to VP with my company….now I’m moving into materials distribution for Shake & Shingle….stay in touch!”

Jim Kulka/Colorado Springs, CO


“Ms. Marketing Guru”: You have become such a grounding force on our team—your presentation and commitment to mentoring in us has been such a blessing to our ability to increase our organizations member retention—you even inspired one of my divisions’ team members to step up to the plate to become a Mentor Coordinator! I have not been able to so inspire this division, but YOU did it! Thank you for all that you do!”

Pam Russell
San Diego, CA


“THANK YOU for all your work with our Mentor Program. I will be the first to admit that I am a sour puss about the whole thing because we should be displaying best practices frequently, on our own, HOWEVER!!!….the more I speak with others I work with, I know and realize this is an integral part of people doing what works, more often within our organization. So thank you for sticking to it, kicking butt and helping set us up for success!”

Andy C.
San Diego, CA


“The value you bring to me is that you always have faith and confidence in me and my work and that I can do well with my passion and vision.

I think you bring to a group the same thing but also your positive, cheerful smile and voice and your different way of looking at a subject at hand, always makes your attendees start to see things differently and to find new solutions and attitudes.

Remember, that is what Dr. Ivan Misner says, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE!

That is what you give us!”

Melody B.