Debbra Sweet Teaching Marketing Class

Interactive, hands-on and affordable marketing classes and workshops allow for continued personal and professional skill set development. Today’s ever-changing and fluid business environment demands that those who wish to be the most successful and remain that way, consistently engage in ongoing learning.

These classes are also a great fit for established companies or the DIY that need more advanced training and specialized knowledge to help engage your staff in ways that will support your business growth goals.

Perfect for the business owner that wants to get new ideas and understanding about what businesses need to be doing to better enhance their marketing, leadership, business, and wellness growth goals.

You can choose from Live workshops, virtual training, one day and weekend events. You can also have custom training programs and classes developed just for your company. Sweet Marketing Solutions, along with our business consulting company Thrive Right Consulting, brings you focused, value-based learning tools and options.

Workshops (live, in person)

All day workshop:

  • Jump Start 90 Day Target Marketing Plan
  • Sales Basics 101: What You Don’t Know is Costing You Money!
  • Sales for the Modern Networker: How to Sell the Way People Want to Buy
  • Attn: Men! “How to Sell to Women”: Advanced Sales Communication & Strategies
  • Attn: Ladies! “How to Sell to Men!” Workshop: Advanced Sales Communication & Strategies
  • Conflict Resolution: Skill Sets Development

3 Hour workshop:

  • Work the Room: Networking Etiquette for Best Results
  • How to Give Good Phone: Soft Skills Development Workshop
  • Defining Your Ideal Target Markets
  • Prepping Your Nets

Business Development and Marketing:

  • “Shift into Gear for Better Results” 
  • “Focus on Niche Marketing” 
  • “Prepping Your Nets” 
  • “How to Make Your Business Go up When the Economy is Going Down” 
  • “Relationship Marketing: The Key to Long-Term Success in Business ” 
  • “How to Stand Out in a Busy Market Place: What You Need to Know About Your VCP”
  • “Creating a Championship Culture”

Sales Related:

  • “The Big Fat Juicy” 
  • “Sales & Marketing – Unveiling the Secrets of Planning for Success” 
  • “Follow Up and Enjoy Your Pot of Gold: Your Existing Clients” 

Leadership: (live and/or virtual programs & training)

  • “The Power of Leadership in Business Networking” 
  • “Building High Performing Teams” 
  • “Leadership Efficacy ” 
  • “Authentic Leadership”
  • “Finding the Leader Within”
  • “Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow”
  • “Being the Leader Producing Results” 

For our clients who want to create a culture of a healthy work environment, improve work performance and attract employees that value a company that cares about them, the next set of classes and workshops we offer is a different way to market and promote your company.

The following wellness programs are taught, lead, and, implemented by our sister company: Thrive Right Consulting. Once the programs are in place, Sweet Marketing Solutions can work with you to leverage and position your company with effective marketing that ties in the wellness approach.

This is a unique, higher level marketing approach that can really help you differentiate your company from your competitors. It can help you attract and retain better employees and executives for your company.  It can help you attract prospects and retain customers.  

Personal Wellness Programs (live and/or virtual programs & training)

  • “Achieving Optimal Health & Vitality: What the Pro on the Go Needs To Know”
  • “Stress Management for CEOs and Busy Professionals” 
  • “How to Eat on the Run Without Weighing Down Your Wallet or Your Waistline”
  • “The Untold Truth: The Silent Cause of Most Disease” 
  • “Preventing Diabetes”
  • “You Are What You Eat” 


I recently attended a workshop given by Sweet Marketing and came out realizing that I was not marketing my business correctly.

The workshop offered many tools to help me make the most our of social media. The owner also helped me to identify my personal branding which is so critical to improving my visibility in the marketplace. I would highly recommend her services to any business who wants to cash in on current marketing trends.

This is the most effective workshop that I have attended in years!

Shelley C.

Murrieta, CA


Thank you again Debbra!

You and your team are simply the best! I’ve tried to work with many different people to help me market and advertize my business. You have been by my side for all these years- and I know that you always have my best interest in mind!

I cannot always do everything you recommend right away, but everything to tell me to do- works. I did what you said in the most recent workshop of yours I attended. In your class you told me to raise my pricing. This week, I raised my prices to get top dollar.

I just easily booked my first job at the new pricing! this is going to help me reinvest more into my marketing soon.

I do love my web site too. It is so clean, bright and simple!!! We’ll add more photos and pages soon.

Jellybean the Clown



Thanks for the call today. I’m really looking forward to your upcoming TRC Revamp Camp (business building bootcamp).
The workshop I attended of yours recently was amazing!

You gave me so many ideas- and I’ve already started to use some of them to help with my marketing. I can already see growth in the company!

Send your bootcamp info! I’m ready!

Bart Neglia
Neglia Construction & Painting