Debbra is the lead author in The Power of Leadership Book Series:

The fifth installment in the series will be: “The Power of Leadership in Closing Sales. Learn more about this series at: Power of Leadership Books

Debbra’s  release, titled “Repairing the Reprobate Mind”  is helping thousands to overcome turmoil, drama, frustration and personal struggles in their lives. This step by step guide guides them to personal victory and delivers insights on how to have a healthy spiritual life and create personal prosperity in life. Learn more here: Reprobate Mind Book

The book Debbra is currently writing is titled “Hitting the Wall! Life Beyond Impact”

This true life story is based on a series of events that started with impactful, life-altering one moment in time.  The sharing, insights, wisdom and inspiration that are revealed in this book are based on the life events Debbra has lived through since that pivotal moment.

In this forthcoming book, “Hitting the Wall!  Life Beyond Impact” will take you through a personal and poignant journey that started one June afternoon in 1985. It will bring tears to your eyes, hope to your soul. It will encourage those who think situations in their life are insurmountable. It will give strength to those who feel downtrodden and disheartened.

When life presents obstacles – we all have a choice. It’s the choice to overcome or give up. If we do nothing, we’ve still made a choice.  “Hitting the Wall!  Life Beyond Impact” lights the fire inside those who still have a flicker of desire to overcome and succeed.  It’s in the moments where the biggest challenges occur that we are faced with the ‘how do I do this’.

Sweet shares “My story is profound. When I’ve shared it with others they all say the same thing: ‘Debbra, you simply refused to give up. I don’t know if I could have done the same thing.’ ”

Sweet’s response is: “Everyone could do what I did. They just need direction and understanding of How. That is what this book is about. It’s not about giving glory to the story of my circumstances. It’s about sharing the wisdom of HOW to overcome when you think that challenges are insurmountable. Nothing is insurmountable.  The road to success starts with the desire to WANT to overcome. Then, the HOW can be revealed.”

The opportunity to get an advanced copy will be available soon.  To be on the list for this book destined to be another best seller, contact Debbra Sweet today.